Friday, April 4, 2008

More church bell thievery

The same hooligans who stole a 650-pound bronze bell from a Queens church apparently swiped two other bells from another house of worship on the same night.

A pair of 250-pound bronze bells were taken late Saturday from St. John Chrysostom Church - only a few blocks away from Blessed Virgin Mary's Help of Christians Church in Woodside where the larger bell was stolen.

Parishioners at the Orthodox Church fear the bells will be sold off as scrap metal.

The bells, which were imported from Greece, were secured in a tower close to the ground.

"Those bells were donated in memory of my grandmother and grandfather," said Darren Brennan, 29, who has been a parishioner at the church his entire life. "I don't know how anyone could steal from a church."

Same thieves who stole Queens church bell apparently stole two others


daveed said...

"Bronze sells for roughly $1.90 a pound at city scrap yards."

How much a naco piece of sh-t do you have to be to want to go through all the trouble of hauling a 650lb. hunk of metal for 1200 bucks???

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "mob"
is already working on it
and the perps are going to wind up
in a can of beef ravioli!

Anonymous said...

How stupid can you be putting something that valuable outside the building overnight?

The problem they tell us is people don't go to chruch anymore (although this country is markedly a believing society)

I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

The bell at St. Mary's sat outside for years without being taken. The ones at the other church were bolted down.