Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A bit o'Queens on the Upper West Side

Mayor Bloomberg declared April Plant-a-Tree Month - but that didn't stop a property manager from paving over a beloved sidewalk flower garden maintained by tenants at an Upper West Side building.

Despite the pleas of block residents, workers earlier this month trashed the thriving 75-square- foot plot at 27 W. 96th St. that a tenant couple had tended for 15 years.

They ripped up close to 200 plants worth thousands of dollars - including rare varieties that were starting to bud.



Anonymous said...

As expected from this Asian immigrant, Seen Little Neck latley ? !

These assholes are knocking on peoples doors with Rev.Moon Organization cash. They want to take everything from Northern Blvd North to the waterline.

Live 40 to a house as 1 family all named "Lee" with no way to trace bullshit. They also play the race card so no politition dare drop a brick on them
This is how they are doing it !!!

NAFTA gave them the $$ to do it !! They and the Mid Eastern people are buying up everything in sight. These foreign builders are becoming landlords buying with foreign money as our US dollar turn's to shit.

Has anybody seen the current CD and T-Bill intrest rates ?

Man....CLINTON really Fuc*d us good.
These countrys tripled there demand oil in the process.
In 20 years we actually may live nicer in Mexico


Anonymous said...

I believe the gentleman in the photo is the one who tended to the now nonexistent garden, Joe.

Are you purposefully attempting to flame on this site? If not, please think next time before you type.

NativeNYer said...

Joe must live in Queens. Anyway racism will not be tolerated in any form. Joe, before you stick your foot so far down your throat so as to kick yourself in the ass, ask yourself this question: " Have I always been this bigoted or is this a recent occurrence?" BTW spell check works if you try it. The guy in the photo is either the garden tender or one of the building's occupants.

Oh and joe, the managing company is owned by Jews, not Asians. Not that it matters anyway, you probably hate us as much as you hate people from Mexico, the Middle East, Korea etc. Jeez grow up joe!

Anonymous said...

Joe, what the heck are you ranting about?