Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sanitation workers dirty from more than garbage

From the NY Post:

The garbage isn't the only thing stinking up some city sanitation routes.

New Yorkers filed 27 bribery complaints against the city's Strongest last year, alleging That trash haulers demanded money just to do their jobs, solicited bribes to haul away extra garbage and asked for cash to cart commercial waste, which they're not supposed to remove, records show.

The complaints, obtained by The Post, came from residents and building managers, who said grease-seeking haulers thrust out their palms all over town.

The complaints included 21 calls to 311 and memos to Sanitation Department brass on six internal probes by the agency -- none of which substantiated bribery allegations, a spokesman said.

Sanitation workers are required to take away residential trash and as many as six bulk items per collection day, including bags of plaster, broken rock, dirt weighing up to 60 pounds, bundles of wood and tied-up rugs.


georgetheatheist said...

New York's Strongest.

Anonymous said...

Corruption in the Sanitation Department is very common. A friend of mine was illegally pressured to lower rent for a tenant.

Because he would not do so, they targeted him for tickets and wrote scores of tickets that were dismissed after the nearly-blind and severely crippled landlord dragged himself into court.

My friend, who lived in an area where house numbers skip around, had a second set of house numbers made and put the wrong number outside while the tickets were being written.

The people involved lost their jobs, not due to corruption, but for writing bogus tickets that the city could not collect!

Anonymous said...

There's one in my neighborhood who comes home for long "breaks" with the garbage truck. How'd you like that smelly, disgusting truck parked in front of your house for an hour or more?

Anonymous said...

The inspectors are even dirty. Mob extortionists could take lessons from these guys.

PizzaBagel said...

But our mayor, the Great and Powerful Mike Bloomberg, since Day One, has frequently heaped effusive praise upon this department and its members. It seems to me that it is his favorite, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing reeks!

Anonymous said...

Who do you call when a Sanitation worker does not pick up legal garbage and demand money to do so.
BK-11 in Brooklyn is full of Sanitation workers who are corrupt!

Anonymous said...

How about this one...
I live in Queens and am having a landlord tenant dispute.
The landlord works for DSNY and now all of a sudden my trash no longer gets picked up!
Thats some dirty business!

Anonymous said...

BK11 has a sanatation worker named "Joey Q", he is the union rep and gets away with corruption! He never does his job unless he is "Tipped". Hes a real STINKY LOSER!