Friday, April 30, 2010

When they won't install your water meter

Dear Queens Crapper,

I recently received a letter from NYC DEP claiming I did not correspond with Constructamax to have the new water meter installed. NYC DEP claims that I will be fined if I do not comply. I called Constructamax and set a appointment twice! First time they said they could not get to the meter. I explained to them the exact location of the meter outside, Constructamax said they would come again.

They still have not showed up. I contacted them a third time to schedule an appointment. They agreed to show. I waited for them and they NEVER showed. I called today and they LIED THROUGH their teeth claiming they came and the meter is installed. I know they did not.

When I call the city they are of no help. Only telling me I will be fined if the meter is not installed. This is really frustrating.

I believe others all over the city is experiencing this. Because when I called Constructamax they said people have been calling them all day about the letter the CITY sent about the fines.

If you could shine any light on this issue it would be great. Thank you.

- Frustrated Resident in Whitestone

Unfortunately, all I can offer is try making the appt online and calling Council Member Halloran. Anyone else experience this problem?


Anonymous said...

Their rules are made so that they will never be followed. Where is John Galt?

Anonymous said...

I have had issued with Contract Callers who leave a call number on your door handle to call them to arrange for an appointment to install the meter. I have also chased thses folks when next door to have them do my address when I was home early from work, but was told my address was not on the list that day?? Well, contract Callers do not return calls, the announcement says their hours are to 7pm but never pick up and one must leave a message by picking an extension (no guidance). This out fit stinks and the City should recognise some citizens left do work in a job and ill afford to take off like the mayor does to Bermuda. I want this meter installed already ( not that the old meter did not function) so stop messing with resident who are trying to get this done and go after the contractor already! Why do we have a DEP Department?

Anonymous said...

I called them in early Summer 2009 to schedule appointments for both my house and my parents' house. About a week before my appointment, they called me to say that they hadn't received the proper equipment from the DEP for my kind of meter, and that they would contact me when they did. I told them about my parents' appointment, so they cancelled that, too. Haven't heard from them since, and it's almost a year. I have not received any threatening letters from the DEP, though.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

I just had them do it when they came to my house.

Anonymous said...

There's a point you're all missing here.

With automated readings...which put meter readers out of a job...and I assume transmit by some kind of wireless mode...NYC will soon be imposing a time of use rate scale for water consumption.

There will, no doubt, be peak water use times put into effect soon after (i.e. the morning shower rush) for which you might be charged a PREMIUM RATE!

If you should choose to opt for taking a bath at non-peak hours it might cost you less.


And who knows what harm the emission of (radio? microwave? whatever) wireless transmission might cause to sensitive electronic equipment whether located within your home or implanted in your body...h-m-m-m?

I want to get more info from the FCC regarding this. You might want to also.