Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wacky green glass-covered escalator coming soon!

Lost City visits The Weirdest Looking Development Site in New York.

Naturally, it's not a building, is in LIC and being constructed by the MTA.


Lino said...

The renderings look great. It sia measure of how the City has changed from over the last 20+ years that something like this could be considered instead of a defensive fortress-like design.

Speaking of which Isee that the Court Sq Diner has changed from it's dingy fortress exterior into a bright retro style diner.

That areas is still grim, but there are some bright spots now.

Anonymous said...

How will they keep the new entrance clean, well maintained and graffiti and scrachiti free all we have to do is look at places like the relatively new Jackson Heights 74 street Roosevelt station to know they can's, especially when the "deferred maintenance" reappears the '70s are returning

Gary the Agnostic said...

This is Citibank's project, in exchange for the second monster built in the area.

Kevin Walsh said...

More on this from Sheryl Yvette

Anonymous said...

Lino...who RU kidding?
You're an EDC troll.

This the MTA can find the money for?

Hope you enjoy your fare increase Lino.

Oh...I forgot you have a limo at your disposal.'s "Limo-Lino" (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, we just need regular nyc stairs and a regular elevator since we have like 3 or 4 local elevator repair services within a 6 mile radius. Open that G line already and give that neighborhood some peace and quite with the workers racking up serious un-needed overtime.