Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another terrorist pleads guilty

From the NY Post:

An al Qaeda-controlled city cabby who became a subway bomb plotter went on a tirade of hate yesterday, blaming "Zionist Jews" for "destroying this country from within" during his guilty plea in Brooklyn federal court.

"I believe that real enemies of this country are the ones who destroy from within," railed Zarein Ahmedzay, sporting a short black beard and wrinkled blue prison scrubs over a long-sleeve shirt. "And I believe these are the special group, the Zionist Jews, I believe, who want a permanent shadow government within . . . the United States."

The 25-year-old Queens College dropout chillingly quoted a jihadist call to arms before telling the court how he and his al Qaeda-trained cohorts planned to carry out devastating, simultaneous suicide bombings on Manhattan subway trains.

"Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their wealth for the price of paradise, to fight in the way of Allah, to kill and get killed. It is the promise binding him on the truth the Torah, gospel and the Koran," he said.

Ahmedzay was charged with receiving training from terrorist operatives overseas in August 2008, then returning to the United States with cohort Najibullah Zazi -- the main American mastermind who has already pleaded guilty -- as well as an unnamed third person. That man is presumed to be co-defendant Adis Medunjanin.

The three, pals from Flushing HS, plotted with the help of al Qaeda trainers to use homemade acetone and peroxide bombs to blow up subway cars during rush hour to maximize the carnage, the feds have charged.


Anonymous said...

It's like a scene out of the movie "Gunga Din."

Swear by our mother Kali to be thrice faithful to her and to me and to our order and to all of us.
Kill, lest you be killed yourselves. Kill for the love of killing. Kill for the love of Kali. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that the terrorists in our midst in this City, State and Nation are here by our own doing. Since the 1980's, NYC has been a known "sanctuary" for the illegals where they are guaranteed not to be queried by law-enforcement about their law-breaking illegal immigration status. Compounded with a lax immigration and visa policy like swiss cheese, these terrorists are all here legally thru expired student and work visas that INS, the City and State have refused to enforce. In some cases for some ethnic groups like the Middle Eastern Arabs from lands of terror, Citizenship is now available for sale at a $1000. Time to look at those groups that are pushing this type of lax policy- certainly those that DO NOT have the safety of America at heart- the enemy within.

Redd Devil said...

Guess I won't be seeing them at the next Flushing H.S. reunion.

Snake Plissskin said...

Wait till a few or these guys are successful and all the Junior League set that are too lazy to raise their kids and the moneybags class that likes to exploit workers and tenants gets blown up with the jihadi.

Funny about life. In an instant as you go to oblivion, we are all the same.

A few stunts like that and they will shit their pants jumping through hoops to pass laws restricting this.

Of course the country is now dependant upon illegals and, as a body depends on heroin, we will go through wrenching changes.

Not to worry. The costs will be placed on the Middle Class.

Anonymous said...

The blame lies on the Federal Government for not securing our borders. Obama is up in arms about Arizona trying to secure their people and their state. Doesn't he want us to be safe? All he cares about it racial profiling. I hope the Arizona law stands and other states follow suit. Does anyone have any idea how much money these illegals are bleeding from our budgets? I think the candidate that expresses a need for America First will win in any election. Enough is enough already.

Anonymous said...

Just one of the blessings of being a sanctuary city.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon#2 and "snake. well spoken.
most of our progressive (QUISLING) elected lawmakers(many appointed), will make us occupied as Europe during WWll.

Anonymous said...

We're all to blame for not becoming Muslim as they demand we do. We're bringing terrorism down on ourselves.

Anonymous said...

But of course, while the "Zionist Jews" are destroying America from within, they'll be conveniently and visably destroying America from without, starting with subway cars full of people.

Time to bring back the Gallows. Hang them in Times Square in the New Pedestrian mall. Lot's of seats for viewing!