Thursday, April 22, 2010

Battle of the holdouts

Lost City asks:

So which is better, Zum or Von W? Hard to say. Zum's food is probably a notch above, but Von W. has homemade bratwurst in its favor. Zum's atmosphere is cozy, but also a bit theme-parky. Von W. has no pretensions, and puts you immediately at ease. Simply put, Zum feels like a fun restaurant, but Von W. feels like a home that also serves strangers food. I like them both, but Von W. has my heart.

They also have a cool wooden phone booth.


Anonymous said...

I preffered Sammet's over all of them,but they are gone.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says..
Sammets was the best of all - even over Gephardts which was popular. WOW - thanks for bringing up some good memories.

Anonymous said...

german food and good should not be in the same sentence

it is pretty gross

Anonymous said...

Ah, the one German neighborhood of Glendale.

Used to be clean, with unique shops and places like these restaurants. Neghibors looked out for each other.

Now its 99c stores, bodegas, and Eastern European trash.


Ridgewood Mike said...

The best German food experience in the area is to be had at the Gottscheer Hall taproom, in my opinion. Great cheese spaetzel.

Chris said...

thanks for this article,i thought VON W was closed.

Unknown said...

I like them both too, but Von get my vote!