Saturday, April 24, 2010

Commission not after BPs and Public Advocate

From NY1:

Even before Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed the 15 members of the city's charter revision commission, political circles were abuzz with questions about whether the group charged with proposing changes to the city's chief governing document might try to eliminate the Public Advocate's seat and the office of Borough President, perhaps in the name of budget belt tightening.

But in an exclusive interview on NY1's "Inside City Hall," Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said he doesn't think that's on the table. Instead, the top aide to Mayor Bloomberg said he thinks the commission will focus on term limits and may possibly propose ending political primaries in the city.

Any proposed changes to the charter must be approved by city voters.

"The mayor believes that the city would be better off without partisan primary. He is a strong proponent on nonpartisan elections," Wolfson said.


Anonymous said...

They're all fuckin' hypocrites! Bloomturd proved that in the last election. When will the people of the city wake up? In my opinion, it's already too late.

Anonymous said...

fucking Boomberg. the public hearings are a waste since the commission was appointed by Bloomberg. And by the way we VOTED TWICE for TWO TERM LIMITS before SLUSH FUND QUINN AND HER MASTER bloomberg overturned term limits. Note how the BP and Public ADvocate office should be eliminated but won't since Bill deBlasio and the others agreed not to criticize the mayor in return for keeping the office open.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg calling the shots on term limits and political election procedures for NYC is a joke. He circumvented the will of the people. He's a control freak who is just orchestrating NYC politics and regulations. Bloomberg should pay the city the money that was wasted on the election for term limits. If I recall, we voted for them twice, yet he paid to have that negated. This man is out of control and needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the political arms & legs of the Borough Presidents & City Councilmembers namely the COMMUNITY BOARDS. THEY VOTE THE WAY THE BP's & Councilmembers tell them to vote. CB members are only their PUPPETS.
Most CB's don't represent the communities.. in fact they usually tell the communities to DROP DEAD ! We vote where are bread is buttered.

Missing Foundation said...

How about steps to fatally weaken the machine?

Why doesn't anyone say this.

Everything else (beeps, boards, and bills) flows from this.

Anonymous said...

Dump all these criminal politicians and start from scratch. Years ago New York didn't have a city council and government ran better than it did now. The city council's only interest is to line their pockets with our money. The are all crooks. Get rid of them. Bloomberg too!

Rudy Giuliani vs. Rudy Giuliani said...

One OBVIOUS solution that Psycho Mike won't demand is LOWERING THE SALARIES of the Pub Advocate, the BP's, and their ENTIRE STAFFS. $50,000 SALARY CAP. PERIOD. Let's ask the boss -- the taxpayers and voters -- what they think! $160K for a job that's dubious?

The media won't discuss any solutions you'll notice. Their
ONLY job is to promote Tax Hike Mike.

- cxb

Anonymous said...

Start practicing:

Sig Heil
Sig Heil
Sig Heil

Get the picture?

Anonymous said...

Did Bill DeBlasio lose his tongue? Note how silent he now is after the NOv election. I guess King Bloomberg bought his silence by keeping the useless office of Public Advocate open. Yet who pays for this office. Not Bloomberg but the taxpayers.

Gary the Agnostic said...

In other words, the fourth term campaign is underway.

Anonymous said...

in the wings for mayor.......john liu.....john liu......weiner.....weiner......GOD HELP N.Y.C.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Community Boards.

Anonymous said...

At the last minute the will present the list of changes (the list is already done folks)

along with a campaign to confuse and distract the public

along with a time period of a matter of weeks

so the doormats, wanting to be polite and not angering the 'experts' who 'worked hard' will pass it.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Apelian must have a warehouse full of butter for his bread judging by how many times he's voted yes to approve almost every development project that comes on his plate over the years.

I can hear that often resounding cry at CB7 right now, "It's as of right". Implying there's nothing they can do.

Well..selling out the community that these boards are supposed to be representing is AS OF WRONG in my opinion.

DUMP THE BOARDS! They're just developers' shills!

Anonymous said...

I know where you can find Ramon Gaston, email me:, He's in my watch list here in Philippines.