Friday, April 23, 2010

Lots of absentees on community boards

From the Daily News:

It's one of the least glamorous volunteer jobs in New York City government - a seat on a community board.

More than 600 people in Queens serve on the borough's 14 community boards. That means they often sit through hours of hearings that focus on the finer points of municipal planning and zoning.

But they also have a front-row seat for major projects that move through their neighborhoods, and it can be a dream gig for gadflies, civic leaders and the politically ambitious.

Even so, dozens of board members in Queens failed to show up for more than half of the regular community board meetings last year. And an even larger number barely hit the 50% attendance rate, according to statistics obtained by Queens News.

Almost 60 people missed more than half of their regular board meetings in 2009.

The largest numbers of low-attendees were on Community Boards 3, 4 and 10.

But officials said quietly that some people are reappointed despite poor attendance because they offer vital professional experience or help make the board more diverse.

Many are also reluctant to force out longtime members who are absent for health reasons.


Unknown said...

Most of these volunteers have full time jobs. These meetings are giving during the day and someone from the board is not always available to go. Your community board needs more volunteers so things can get done without all the responsibly being put on just a few. I'd like to know how many of these critics actually attend their own community meetings?!?!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Community Boards.

Anonymous said...

Almost 60 out of more than 600 is about 10%. How many had perfect attendance or at least 90% attendance? I'd bet it's over 10%.

Anonymous said...

Better attendance records than some of the city council members but they should just get rid of the community boards, borough president office and public advocate office. None of them have any real power nor do they stand up for the people. they just sell us all out. Bottom line Slush Fund Christine Quinn and King Doucheberg run this city.

Anonymous said...

I understand that if you put your ear near Kelty's head, you can hear the ocean!

Snake Plissskin said...

Even if they show up, and the lights are on, nobody is home.

The community boards are valuable in concept, made worthless in execution.

Les Hair said...

I understand that if you put your ear near Kelty's head, you can hear the ocean!

Maybe he can borrow one of Apelian's rugs...and stuff it!!!

Anonymous said...

Community Boards are useless in this city. Bloomberg does what he wants to do and the community never really has any say. The politicians are too emeshed in these boards and members never do what is in the best interest of the people they are supposed to represent. The Boards are there to appease the community. That's it. This way people think they have a voice. Abolish them and if we really want to get back on track, abolish the City Council. They are bought and paid for by the Bloomberg Administration.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget that members of Community Board #7 were "targeted" by the Shulman bullshit association in their thieving attempts at Wallets Point land grabs. What did they get? How about some public disclosure?

Anonymous said...

"CntrySigns" sound like you're out to lunch yourself!

Uh...excuse me...but CB7's Bitterman makes over 80 grand a year!

For what?

To get perks from Wellington Z. Chen's Fultonex, F&T, TDC pals?

They're CB7's landlords too!

It's time to bust up this cozy little patronage ring.

You want to know what a great job they've done all these years?

Open your eyes (and nostrils) and just look around at crappy old Flushing?

The proof is in the pudding or in this case the stench of the street sludge.

Summer is coming soon and those rotten veggies that get dumped into the sewers at night will be cooking up into a "fragrant" soup!


Kwee Zeen said...

Summer is coming soon and those rotten veggies that get dumped into the sewers at night will be cooking up into a "fragrant" soup!

Maybe the octopi will take care of the excess before being eaten alive. Yum Yum

Anonymous said...

less of them at the meetings, the better. they are 95% "yes" people. but community boards can be good, it s the entrenched leadership, with verifiably clinically insane people at the head that needs to change

Anonymous said...

Out with these windbags! Enough of the cronyism!