Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anyone up for a really long walk?

I came across your blog recently, and wanted to contact you about a project on which I am working.

Currently, a group of us are exploring the works of Robert Moses through walking. We have done a few dozen walks this year, and do different walks every month. Based on your interest in the "tweeding" of Queens, it seems that Robert Moses must be someone with whose legacy you are often interacting.

This month we are exploring Jamaica Bay, exploring what it currently looks like, and thinking about it's construction and development.

There will be two walks: one on Sunday the 25th, and one on Monday the 26th, both starting at noon. Each day will be the same walk.

We will be meeting at the JFK/Howard Beach Subway stop at the corner of 159th St and 103rd St. and walking through Spring Creek Park, across the Addabbo Bridge, and over to the West Pond.

The walk is about 8 miles in total.

I would love to invite you (and your readers as well) to join us on the walk.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 559-978-6183.

Thanks so much,


Joe said...

Abbadabbo Bridge, never heard of it.
Robert Moses?
To rude to type what I think about that SOB criminal and his massive abuse of imminent domain

Bring plenty of bug spray and steer clear after 5PM
The Sunset wind is always in favor of the marshland Green flies.
(Greenheads) they bite through clothing and no amount of over the counter repellent will stop them.
The bites itch for weeks, often get infected and leave freckles.
Mosquitoes have nothing on baby Greenheads.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mugger bridge.

Joe said...

Oh, OK
We used to call it the Porgieman' bridge.

As kids we'd hop from Ridgewood over the Highland water ponds heading down there 5AM on bicycles and mopeds. There would be dozens of these old guys working 5 lines at a time.

"What ya fishing for ?"
A: We-is za-goin for them Porgies, what you white boys got crabs ?
It was all cool, those old timers were a real pisser.

Shame how that neighborhood changed, now people throw garbage and sacrifice animals under them bridges like its 500BC