Monday, April 26, 2010

Giant Flushing land grab in the works

From Willets Point United:

The Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corporation recently solicited questions from the public via its web site, concerning the LDC's pending Request for Proposals in connection with a state grant which the LDC claims to have received via the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program. The work to be performed using the grant funds is a step toward "area-wide" and "large scale" development of 60 acres of privately-owned downtown Flushing property which the LDC is anxious to achieve, regardless of its injurious effects on surrounding neighborhoods and roadways.

Given the far-reaching implications of such a project, the LDC's dubious track record (which includes a record financial penalty of $59,090.00 levied by the Office of the City Clerk due to the LDC's unlawful lobbying activities), and the involvement of taxpayers funds, Willets Point United Inc. thought it appropriate to submit 5 questions to the LDC.

The LDC has since posted 8 questions and the LDC's answers, at the LDC's web site ( However, the LDC has omitted all of the questions posed by Willets Point United Inc., the answers to which would be of great interest to New York City residents, as well as New York State taxpayers whose funds are reportedly being given away to the LDC as a grant award.

When you read the questions, you'll understand why Grandma doesn't want to answer them.

Here they are, summarized (See Willets Point United for full-length questions):

1) To accomplish your long-term objectives for the proposed BOA area, is there any possibility that property within the proposed BOA area may eventually be acquired via eminent domain?
2) Has any scientific testing been conducted, to determine whether or not each of those 25 sites meets the definition of brownfield?
3) As your group is located in Flushing and pertains to Flushing, Willets Point and Corona, does it have twenty-five percent or more of its board of directors residing in those areas (as required under this program)?
4) How exactly has your group demonstrated "financial need," which is a prerequisite to receive a BOA grant award of scarce taxpayer funds?
5) Given that the consequences of your past lobbying may include the revocation of the group's status as a not-for-profit tax exempt corporation, the outright dissolution of the group, and other sanctions, what assurance do RFP respondents have that your group will be able to carry out the proposed BOA program?

And then there's this from Claire's website:

Administered by New York’s Department of State, the BOA program enables municipalities and community based organizations to plan for the redevelopment of blighted and dormant land. The program emphasizes planning that is area-wide and that incorporates both environmental and economic considerations.

Last time I checked, the Flushing waterfront was full of industrial activity and not dormant.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it looks like the City is about to undertake wholesale condemnation of the Flushing waterfront, in order to enrich Claire and her developer friends. This smells worse than the Flushing Creek at low tide. Let's not forget that TDC just happens to own a parcel of land along the creek where a pedestrian bridge to the new and improved Willets Point has been proposed. I had wondered why the hell Claire would push for a bridge that landed pedestrians in the midst of a gritty industrial area. With this revelation it seems that won't be a concern.

To recap, here are the megadeveloper-driven eminent domain projects under Mayor Bloomberg's reign:

Atlantic Yards...Willets Point...Manhattanville...





Anonymous said...

Ah, the creation of Wellington Pointe continues.....

Anonymous said...

Bovine bitch!

Anonymous said...

This woman is such a pig. Donald Manes in a dress.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered that maybe she really, really needs the money, the poor woman?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Christine Quinn and the ghosts of Queens corrupted past- clarie shulman and Karen Koslowitz are back. Shouldn't these 2 old bags be in Florida instead of causing havoc? Koslowitz should be put down like the virus that she is after she put the horses outside the park and now gave kickbacks to the carriage drivers. Hope this fucking old woman dies soon.

Anonymous said...

Crime DOES pay and we're all getting screwed! Anyone sewing an extra large orange jumpsuit yet? If ugly were money, Shulman would be richer than Bloomberg and Trump combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan said...

Thank you, Crapster, for giving us the poop (so to speak) on a story that will be left out of all the other city-wide and local media. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Crapster, for giving us the poop (so to speak) on a story that will be left out of all the other city-wide and local media. Good job!
yea, yesterday I got the Times and Daily News - musta weighed a few pounds.

Extensive coverage of the Yankees.
Lots of info on style, fashion, restaurants and the like.

Not one jot about this.

A. Lert said...

This WAS covered by the locals. They all endorse the thievery. When will the DA go after the Tribune for the whore ads? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha What a joke of a government aided and abetted by the media.

Missing Foundation said...

What a great picture! The poster child for the Queens County Machine - for an era.

Make this an iconic symbol of everything that is wrong with this boro.

Posterize it! Make cartoons of it! Plaster it around everywhere on construction sites! Stencil it to sidewalks!

(just kidding .... of course ;> )

Anonymous said...

How about a grab bag instead of a land grab?

Grab that old bag Shulman and put a bag over her face!

She's become an eyesore as well as a Manes taught crooked "sunt".

(That "s" takes a it a hard pronunciation...for those of you who aren't familiar with cedillas)!

Phew...please keep your legs closed Claire!

Even the Flushing River at low tide has nothing on you!

Anonymous said...

@ A. Lert
"What a joke of a government aided and abetted by the media."

Seems to work in reverse as well. And Shulman is good at manipulation, isn't she? Who pays a fine for illegal activity by holding a fundraiser that was supported by the very people who should be protecting the general population and not that scumbag Shulman??!??!?!???

georgetheatheist said...

From Grandma's website: " the LDC/Steering Committee looking for a firm that has extensive experience within Flushing's Asian community? ANSWER. Regarding the public outreach process, experience with the Chinese community [What!? The Koreans are chopped liver!?] in Flushing is certainly a plus...the Committee will work with the consultant to review outreach strategies for the Asian community."

" Extensive experience", "Outreach strategies". LMFAO.

Race, race, race. Die Fahnen hoch! Die Reihen dicht geschlossen!


[x] Male
[x] No, not of Latino, Hispanic, or Spanish origin
[x] White

A Fan said...

If ugly were money, Shulman would be richer than Bloomberg and Trump combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still laughing my ass off on this one. There is truth in humor and Queens Crap proves it! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Feds?

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, the Flushing waterfront was full of industrial activity and not dormant.


But you forget that Queens, and by extention all of us, exist for one purpose and one purpse only as far as the machine is concerned - Baloney Maloney, Honest Joe Crowley, Gary Whoreads Ackerman on down the chain...

honest graft.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a bloodhound.
Does she drool often?

Anonymous said...


I think you should say "Whore Ads" Ackerman instead. Who reads? I do!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Feds?

Haven't you heard? They're in on it too! Ask the LDC "targets"...Ackerman and Crowley! This project has broken laws and it doesn't seem like those who are guilty will stop. Fundraising for a criminal? Well I never!!!

Helen said...

"redevelopment of blighted and dormant land". ~ As "Claire" describes the area.

350 Small businesses do more to keep NYers employed than this disgraced politician ever has.

Anonymous said...

How old is she? 100? Isn't there any young blood in Queens politics? All these people are ready for a nursing home. When are we going to elect young, innovative people in government? She's so old, she doesn't care if she breaks any laws. No judge would put that dinosaur in prison.

Anonymous said...

donkey face? Crapper, you owe donkeys an apologies. You can' compare this thing's ugliness (inside and outside) with such beautiful animals. What is it with these horrible women. Elizabeth Crowley, Slush Fund Queen Christine Quinn, McDonald's sister Karen Koslowitz?

Anonymous said...

How old do you have to be to stop grabbing everything and just live. She's got maybe 5,6 years left?!?!?!?!?!??!?

Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind how Claire Schulman continually breaks laws and nothing happens to her. The press had to be bought off. Is there any media out there with a set of testicles that would do a story on this horrible woman? I didn't think so. Everyone is afraid, because all the Queens politicians are guilty of lining their pockets and breaking laws. As for Andy Cuomo, he won't go against the Democratic machine, yet he wants to be governor and work with all the criminals up in Albany. You couldn't make this stuff up if you wanted to.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go out there and break me some laws and ask for the Shulman treatment. Stick em up!

Anonymous said...

She's got maybe 5,6 years left?!?!?!?!?!??!?

God forbid. She doesn't deserve 5 hours!

faster340 said...

Doesn't she belong in a nursing home by now?

Anonymous said...

Why is she allowed to continue to push all of this bullshit on the people of Queens? Doesn't the imposition of a large fine mean anything any more? This is a poor example of justice for our children to witness. And besides the fact that they are a shitty baseball team, the Mets are screwed up for supporting her. When will the FBI wake up and do their jobs?

Anonymous said...

I really don't like some of the extreme sexist comments here. God Bless her gray head.
Only the Good Die Young, the bastards always survive and thrive.

A Sexist said...

I really don't like some of the extreme sexist comments here.

And we really don't like trolls who don't like the extreme sexist comments here. Pussy...rub yours lately?

Anonymous said...

out of 30 comments only one mentioned the word DEMOCRAT. when there is no checks and balances in government,the citizens get robbed and lose their liberty.

Anonymous said...

when there is no checks and balances in government,the citizens get robbed and lose their liberty.

B I N G O !