Monday, April 26, 2010

Too expensive to remove PCBs from schools

From the Daily News:

The Environmental Protection Agency might scrap a 30-year-old safety standard because it's likely too expensive to enforce in schools, the News has learned.

Just months after the agency ordered the city education department to study the risk of toxin exposure to students, the EPA has scheduled a hearing to change the amount of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) allowed in caulking.

PCBs, known to cause cancer and birth defects, were routinely used in caulking before they were banned for most uses in 1979. Since then, anything with more than 50 parts-per-million has been considered toxic.

A 2008 News investigation found PCB levels as high as 225,000 ppm in the caulk of several public schools. The city's own tests have since found levels more than twice that high.

The EPA is now seeking comment at a May 4 hearing on changing that standard "given the recent realization that the use of PCBs in caulk may be widespread and may be an undue burden for schools if the exclusion continues at 50 ppm," according to the April 7 Federal Register.


Anonymous said...

This is the typical NYC stupidity at its finest: forego a health regulation to save money. The health of the affected children of course will be considered "collateral damage".

Anonymous said...

City government doesn't give a shit about the health of children. It's all about the money. Twenty years from now, watch the cancer rate soar in young people.

M. Bloomtard said...

Twenty years from now, watch the cancer rate soar in young people.

And I won't be mayor any more (maybe)!

Anonymous said...

What about all of the asbestos floor tiling in these schools?

Ms. Begotten said...

What about the TEACHERS???? I know they went into the profession for the benefits, but I dont' think cancer is actually a benefit. Has anyone thought about the health effects across the board? Oh, I remember, the DOE has to give no-bid contracts to corporate-captain friends of the DOE. That's why there's no money for real health issues...they have to send attendance information to the contractor in Binghamton and pre kindergarten applications to the contractor in Pennsylvania.Before Bloomberg and Klein et al, these processes were done in house, not by private contractors in other cities and states. No money??? Bull!!!! Just not to clean up PCB's!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

many states in the U.S. are broke or going broke. some are close to being "bailed out" by obama's stash,(your taxes).
we can not keep spending money we do not have.
liberal/progressive policies in government have resulted in this horrible situation.
the gov.elites do not care if the young/old citizens die. as long as their social agenda of sharing the wealth and central gov.control is achieved.

obama's health care law just cut $ 500 billion from the medicare benefits of senior citizens ,who were forced to contribute from paychecks during the work years.they will suffer more and then die.
Stalin starved 30 million citizens of the U.S.S.R,(UNION OF SOCIALIST SOVIET RUSSIA)
we are being led by quislings.