Saturday, April 3, 2010

Husband stabs pregnant wife and sister-in-law

From the Daily News:

A Queens man - enraged because his wife refused to have an abortion - slashed her throat and then stabbed her sister in the stomach Monday night in front of a room full of children, police and relatives said.

The wounded wife, Petrona Kates, and her bleeding twin, Patricia Kates, both 36, fled their Jamaica residence about 8:45 p.m. and ran to a local bodega, desperately pleading for help.

The Kateses' cousin Lesia Wickham, 32, said that according to family members' account, Petrona Kates' husband, Fitzgerald Jolly, became furious after he returned from Philadelphia and learned his wife was pregnant.

Wickham said that as Jolly stormed out of the house, he "dropped the knife in a neighbor's yard and jumped in his vehicle and drove off." Cops later found the vehicle abandoned on the Whitestone Bridge, but Jolly's whereabouts are unknown, police said.

Petrona and Patricia Kates were both in stable condition last night at Jamaica Hospital, police said.


Rick said...

His body washed up by the Whitestone Bridge Thursday.

Daily News article

Anonymous said...

This is actually a leading cause of murder of pregnant women. Men like this need to burn in hell.

Queens Crapper said...

Good, I missed that update, so thank you, Rick.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. I don't get it. It's his wife.. not his mistress. So should be ok that the wife is pregnant because it's supposedly a 'BLESS' thing... unless they are under huge financial burden. But then a lot of people are and they can get welfare. So is he doing a good thing to lessen the taxpayer's money by avoiding potential welfare.

Or Is his wife is having an affair with some other guy and he knows that the kid is not his due to his infertility?

Anonymous said...

is he from Guyanna or the Carribean, family from India? typical misogynist.
they believe that women are third class citizens and that they own women.

glad to hear that the women and baby survived. with a father like that, well, God works in mysterious ways.

the baby may grow up with serious disabilities and have to be supported by taxpayers.
so sad the whole thing. a lot of this crap happens in Richmond Hill and Jamaica.

kenny said...

Men in the caribbean treat women as equals we respect our women, so don't act as if it is caribbean thing,
situation like this happend all over the world.

khalilmg said...

no they are from jamaica. his wife from what i know is a no welfare is needed here.