Saturday, April 3, 2010

Borough hospitals still overwhelmed

From NY1:

Health care officials in Queens say the ripple effects of last year's hospital closures have presented new challenges, especially when it comes to emergency care.

From NY1:

Jamaica Hospital, located in southern Queens a mile away from the closed Mary Immaculate Hospital, is dealing with a steady increase of patients in its emergency room, trauma center and psychiatric emergency room.

From NY1:

Elmhurst Hospital is almost filled to capacity these days, and local officials hope the recently-closed St. John's Queens Hospital and Mary Immaculate Hospital can be used once again to provide Queens with much-needed hospital beds.

From NY1:

While the state gave $40 million to Queens's remaining hospitals for new facilities last year, local medical officials still say the state needs to invest more money in the borough's health care infrastructure.


Hiram said...

Hey, no big deal, I'm driving to Manhasset.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all go to Saint Vincent's because the Lord knows that the babbling blimdman and that fat dike Quinn will help that hospital stay open. They fuck us all the time in Queens!

faster340 said...

Hey that's ok! Marty has the cash for his potato chip in Brooklyn now.

Auntie Invasion said...

solution? stop giving US government handouts to illegal aliens. don't let the Mexicans drop their babies or drag their old people to city hospitals.

PizzaBagel said...

Don't worry, folks. According to those TV ads, just fill out the Census form and they (the Federal Government) will know how many hospitals we need. Not that they will get built, mind you.

Patrick Sweeney said...

St John's and Mary Immaculate hospitals were not empty. What they were full of were non-paying patients. This is true for St Vincents as well. They were mandated to serve the poor without limit, and the poor overwhelmed their ability to finance themselves. The quality of care at St John's was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Parkway wants to reopen under new management. let them do so to alleviate dangerous healthcare situation in Queens. State prevents this, why? Cuomo prevents this, why? Seminerio was involved in closing of Parkway, Mary Immaculate and St. Johns. So, why won't State let Parkway reopen? How many have to die from lack of services, before we collectively get off our tushes and say, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Reopen Parkway Hospital NOW!!!!

Maria from Queens said...

Jamaica hospital is horrible.
I'm a 20 something year old girl who had to bring her grandmother there one night, and one Jamaican lady nurse kept picking on me the whole night and tyring to push me around. Another male nurse, might've been jamaican, i was stuck in a corner with no where to go, he obnoxioulsly said excuse me but didn't allow me space to move and instead just rolled over my foot purposely. Abuse! With a security cop right there. I was so upset. I didn't even think ot get his name and complain. I jsut said "well you didn't have to run over my foot!" and he said "I told you to move." Not even a sorry, he purposely ran over my foot with a wheelchair that had a human patient seated in it. He rolled over my foot with an actual human being, on wheels.
and my poor grandmother they just rolled her around here to there, and when she was expected to get ready I tried to help her but then that other nurse started picking on me again, micromanaging how i dealt with my grandmother just because she wanted to boss me around. She used the opportunity solely for that reason. Sounds crazy but there was definately an abusive streak in those two workers I had dealt with. It was hard enough trying to make your way through the system without them pushing you around and treating you like crap, because you're white? My grandmother is hispanic american but, alot of people in Queens treat or refer to me as being white. So I can only imagine, they see me as being some "race" of person and not just the average person in alot of these ethnically diverse environments in Queens. I'm of a mixed background though, but maybe I am more "american" than some so it confuses them and they just categorize me as "Maria, the white one." My parents might've spoke or understand Italian and spanish before, but my only language spoken is English. I'd be set aside or treated differently for it, appearing "white." And then the whites think of you as an hispanic because you are tan? Just wish people would behave more professionally and less biased. We are all americans people.