Monday, September 26, 2016

The day that Maspeth marched through Floral Park

Below are photo albums from the Bellerose/Floral Park march that happened this Saturday.

You will notice that the signs protest the de Blasio administration, local politicians, Steven Banks and the DHS. There are none protesting against homeless children.

Joseph Concannon spoke first. It's obvious from his criticism of de Blasio's homeless policies that he must hate homeless children. (end sarcasm)

Mayor de Blasio must also think that State Senators Martins and Addabbo are child haters since they both attended the rally.

Funny how the Queens Machine stays silent about the mayor not only dumping shelters all over the borough, but unfairly framing one of their members and their constituents as people who want to see kids sleeping on the streets.

The protesters, however, aren't silent:

It also sounds like this movement is growing:

Other neighborhoods are getting pissed off about this as well. Click the photo below to hear from Rosedale and Woodside.

Thank you to Juniper Civic and Queens by the Minute for the additional footage.


Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for the homeowner in Woodside. He should stop going to the hotel expecting them to help him in any way. It could be dangerous for him. To them he is the enemy and it's apparent that not only are the shelter dwellers targeting him and his family, it will escalate because they are drug users. If they are out smoking pot (probably crack & other substances) at 1am, they are not employed so they have plenty of time and companions to watch his house and know when he is not there. He should not engage in any way not even to ask them politely to leave the stoop. Call the police. Say that they are dangerous people using drugs.

The graffiti is not cute art, it's gang advertising letting others know that they are selling drugs and control the area. They are telling him that they own his stoop/house/peace of mind.

The homeowner should get a security camera so he knows when they are near his house and start making complaints regarding noise, fights, graffiti, drug use to 311 online @ then he can email the complaint numbers to the community board. They are supposed to issue a routing number as well. Once you have three or four complaints then call back 311 and make what is called an agency complaint to the various agencies. This will definitely pump it up the food chain and he will get action.

This is the way to fight them, not in person. He is outnumbered. Unfortunately many of the shelter people have criminal records and know many other criminals. What he stated is 100% accurate. The shelter is for women and children only but they have their husbands and boyfriends living with them. They do this in other housing situations as a usual operating procedure. Boyfriend is now free to deal drugs and do other crimes. The security guards will lie and protect them for multiple reasons.

That was a very nice safe quiet area. It seems DeBlasio and Banks want to turn Woodside into a slum. Now it is not safe. that's gone, the quiet is gone.

I am curious to know how many of those boyfriends/baby daddy's are criminals and/or convicted sex offenders.

Good luck I hope he can get action on this. I know first hand how horrible this type of situation is.
it's a lot of work to keep making the complaints but he will be making a paper trail that will be very useful.

Anonymous said...

De Blahsio is toast. I'd still like to know how much $$ he got for the Rivington house scam?

Joe Moretti said...

Jamaica, start to wake up and join this movement, since you are the BIG dumping ground of crap (Jamaica already has about 20 shelters of one kind or another in the area). I mean do you really think all those new hotels being built are going to service tourists whose number one stop in NYC is Jamaica. BUT with all this money being dumped in Jamaica and all kind of new development going up, including very nice apartments, all areas of Queens are for the taking.


WAKE UP. Join this movement.

Anonymous said...

Mayor deBlasio and Banks stop exploiting the children! The protest is not about children. After all Banks said the proposed shelter in Maspeth will have no children.
Anyway since your play the children card do you think it's fair for them to be moved from shelter to shelter with no kitchens. Goggle the Jay Dow interview with the homeless in 2014. You see a family staying at a shelter with no kitchen or refrigerator.
This is what the city calls taking care of the children.
As for my neighbor in Woodside I feel for you. I have a neighbor that goes through this in Astoria. If you have no gate they come into your property. When you tell them to leave they do but come back to damage your property.
This is what the mayor and Banks wants nice communities becoming slums.

Broadway Baby said...

The way to go!
Make big noise and get results.
Now, it would be nice of the wussie filled ranks of Queens Civic Congress would
orchestrate and participate in these type of events.
Maybe then your crooked politicians would do for you, what you elected them for.
God forbid the BFHA church ladies would criticize Paul Vallone.
Tea and sympathy is there gambit, after garden judging awards.
Oh well, in the northeast the blood runs thin.
Bless you Maspeth rebels who refuse to roll over!
My nabe is full of ass kissers.
They kiss Don Paulo Vallone's ass. He kicks there's by supporting overdevelopment.
The over builders continue to support his campaigns with fat donation checks.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Bob Holden and crew.
Who the hell did we have as past president of BFHA?
An emasculated legal career advancement wussie,

Anonymous said...

Children, the poor, the unfortunate, and the minority groups are fair game to any pond scum politician.
Why shoud a lazy pol have to work, when he or she can make a living off of their slaves.
Yes, that is the way the unimpowered are slaves or sub human.
And where does Der Mayor live? Gracie Mansion-Park Slope!
No problems there, eh?
Duh Blaz will go down as the worst mayor in NYC history. A medicated mentally ill phony.
And nobody wants to tell it like it is...except here on Queens Crap.
Bless you, Crappie, for giving the people a true voice.
Try speaking up at your community board meetings. You get belled out before your three minutes are up.

Broadway resident said...

True dat.
Contrast Bob Holden with Bobby Hanophy Jr.

Joe Moretti said...


Take a look at this video, which you certainly would not use for your bullshit propaganda tool. SO EXPLAIN your wonderful warehousing to this woman and her teen sons:

Anonymous said...

some should investigate the housing conditions at that YMCA DeBlasio works at. No better than a flop house. Terrible.

Either we wipe out the slum or it wipes us out. Jacob Riis

Anonymous said...

And, now for the latest hotel that won't open as a hotel -- in Kew Gardens on Queens Boulevard, at the old site of Pasta Lovers Restaurant. This is pure scam, and it's players ensured that the alleged hotel would never open, because it was a ruse to begin with, for the purpose of yet another homeless shelter that the city will bilk for profits, graft, corruption and greed! Just follow the money trail!

Boy, do I miss that 'Triumph of Civic Virtue' statue that was evicted from the now blighted Kew Gardens Plaza (by former Borough President-in-Thief, Helen Marshall, and under the cover of darkness on December 15, 2012, no less!), where this urgently needed monument is needed back on his vigilant perch, now more than ever!

Alas, how bored Civic Virtue must be, languishing (and looking awkward and strange without his former, prominent fountain-pedestal), and on temporary loan at Green-Wood Cemetery, a Brooklyn graveyard that doesn't require a statue to represent civic virtue among the dead and buried, versus the deprived and currently alive

Get used to it, Queens Crappers -- corruption, graft and greed is a fundamental way of life for all crooked, openly practicing Queens County pols, as they continue to: Delay, Deny --And, Hope That You Die -- and the public be damned!

Anonymous said...

To those critics that say we are angry at the homeless, children haters,unsympathetic, racists and fearful of the homeless. Not true.
First off the proposed Maspeth site was not housing children. Second playing the racist card is foolish. We are diverse here. We are sympathetic to them and feel why warehouse them in kitchenless rooms. Fearful is really crazy because we have homeless here already panhandling on the service roads of the LIE. Sleeping in bus stop park areas. Each day a different one. Some sleep along the high brush along the LIE. The further you go down into Elmhurst you see them at bus stops and subway stations. Panhandling and with the shelters down Queens Blvd in the Pan Am and Quality Inn where will they go during the day?
They go around searching for places to eat because where these shelters are there are no kitchens. Voucher or not dining on Queens Blvd can be expensive and the choices few unless you "live" in fast food places i.e. White Castle or the food court at the malls.
What we would like to see is better housing for them. Does not everyone deserve a kitchen? How about every child have a stable environment not being sent along shelter to shelter?
I guess there will always be critics but stop using the race card or exploiting the children to your advantage. We all could walk one day in their shoes and just want something a little better than warehousing them in kitchenless rooms.

Anonymous said...

Now everyone has to get after their councilman to force city council to vote to have shelters equally distributed across the city - distributed on a per capta basis which means that densely populated areas (like Manhattan) would have more closer together than less populated areas (like Middle Village)

Now that will put them in a pickle, eh?

You must keep this movement alive by finding common ground with communities everywhere that are being mistreated and taken for granted by all those 'Hillarys' out there.

Anonymous said...

I can recall a visit to a friend's house in Bellerose. Creedmor had let some people out and they roamed around the neighborhood.
At our BBQ a bunch of people crashed the BBQ.
I asked who are these people. Simply said oh creedmor lets out people and this is what happens oh I am getting use to it.
I said get use to it? My own neighbors respect my property like I respect theirs.
They left once the homeowner asked them to leave. Yet damaged some things when they did leave.
Should we have to live like this? Prisoners in our own homes. Afraid to make a stance because of the backlash we face when calling the police? Or asking them to leave?
Shall I watch my community become a run down
slum and watch what I invested in only get ruined by people who do not care or be taxed like crazy because our taxes pay for this nonsense.
Find empathy or kindness? My patience is being stretched to the limit as my home is being graffitied on. Damaged or the new flop house because I spoke up.

M. How said...

As you all say, people should have a decent place to live with kitchen facilities, until they can get back on their feet. So, if that is DeBlasio's intention, we should call him on the following:

1. WHY pay $125 to $175 a night per room -- which comes to $3,750 or $5,250 a month -- depending on what Patel (or other hotel owner) is charging without kitchen facilities?

2. WHY can't the City find apartments for these families -- pay the independent landlord the monthly rent -- with two months security? Just like normal renters. $3,750 to $5,250 a month is enough for Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and some parts of Manhattan for a decent apartment.

If DeBlasio defers, then we can concur that someone or some group is getting a kickback.
WHY else would the City do this? I don't think they're feeling sorry for the hotelier, do you?

Once the SCAM is outed -- perhaps with a large reward paid to the anonymous whistleblower --this unwanted intrusion will stop. If not then many minds will think up something that will work. We have to start somewhere.