Monday, September 12, 2016

Deed fraud scammer gets a year in the pen

From the Daily News:

An ex-con who stole an elderly woman’s Queens home now has a new place to crash — in the big house.

Darrell Beatty, 51, was sentenced to one year behind bars for his cunning con in which he used a phony deed to move into Jennifer Merin’s Laurelton home.

Merin, 72, said the ordeal — which required she jump through a slew of bureaucratic hoops before getting Beatty evicted — had caused her so much stress she had a heart attack in August.

"This crime has ripped my heart out, squashed my spirit, and left me in financial ruins. It has turned my life upside down I am 72 years old, and I am forced to begin building my life again,” she said before Beatty was sentenced.

“(My) home has been desecrated. It no longer exists, and I am bereft, heart broken, devastated. I am afraid to go on the property ... I have been in a constant state of inescapable and overwhelming fear, anguish, depression, and the daunting stress of financial duress.”

Beatty, who showed up late for his sentencing, did not address the court. His attorney declined comment.

Justice Michael Aloise, who recommended Beatty not be eligible for parole, called Merin’s statement “one of the most sincere and compelling I've ever heard.”


(sarc) said...

This evil piece of garbage will be back out on the streets in LESS THAN SIX MONTHS!

Remember he is a "non violent" offender...

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of his prison "bros" will whack him.
At least bugger him good with a corn cob.

Anonymous said...

Only one year in jail?
Too bad. Time to contact "The Equalizer" or "The Punisher".
After he's released who will this subhuman be fleecing next?

Anonymous said...

His sentence - more free housing. Strip him down, put him on some remote island, akin to Naked and Afraid.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that.

Just a vacation for this POS.

Anonymous said...

Wow, grandma is a little over the top, no? She got her house back, right? Paint the place and change the toilets if you cant stand the fact that bro man dropped deuces in your toilets. BTW, have you once again walked away from the property, leaving it empty for this to happen again?

kapimap said...

The punishment does not fit the crime. This guy will just share and learn more skills of the trade in jail.
He should be facing at least 5 years from this scam, but as you know white collar crime gets low jail time. The owner can sue him when he gets out, but how much can she will get awarded probably wont match her losses.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, EXTREME, 'OPENLY PRACTICING' scam artists, robbers and thieves Sheldon Silver, Kean Skelos & Son and the former governor of Virginia have never seen the inside of a jail cell—and, now serial offender Silver is looking at a new trial because of the criminal precedent that was recently established for the Virginia criminal who was just exonerated by the equally crooked-and-corrupt court system that determined that accepting lavish gifts was not tantamount to bribery.

Your justice system hard at work, Queens Crappers, and continually reinforcing all 'selective' and 'occasional' law for the rich and guilty, versus the poor and unconnected (ironically for crimes that pale in comparison).

Justice is not blind—it's totally corrupt from the Supreme Court down—and, it's only getting worse by the hour!

Anonymous said...

To the last heartless Anonymous—I wish you the same fate at 72, to have your home and life ravaged by a serial criminal sociopath. And, by the way, it doesn't ABSOLVE THIS criminal (or any other), just because a homeowner doesn't keep regular vigilance over their property.

So, do you still consider grandma's heart attack as "a little over the top,' then? But, just wait until something like this happens to you, arrogant coward neanderthal—you would be the FIRST to claim all benefits from the Crimes Victims Bureau, as well as all other benefits that you can manage to snatch in order to calm your whiny fat ass down!

Joe Moretti said...

Anon said:

Wow, grandma is a little over the top, no? She got her house back, right? Paint the place and change the toilets if you cant stand the fact that bro man dropped deuces in your toilets. BTW, have you once again walked away from the property, leaving it empty for this to happen again?


It is her fucking house, which she can stay away as long as she wants without having to worry about some ghetto thug and his hood rat sons fucking it up.

You must be as ghetto as hell to even state that. No wonder Queens is such a shit hole with folks like this ghetto thug and folks like this ghetto commentor.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, cruel Anonymous, but that sewer rat was a SQUATTER, and he had no legal right to break in and enter someone else's home and property--regardless of whether or not the homeowner was actually living on the property, which is private.

But, maybe if someone were to break into one of YOUR properties and destroy the place, then maybe you will get it. Eitehr way, it still doesn't give license to any squatting criminal to take what isn't his or hers to take in the first place, and by forceful, unlawful entitlement, no less--that's anarchy!

Anonymous said...

"Wow, grandma is a little over the top, no? She got her house back, right? Paint the place and change the toilets if you cant stand the fact that bro man dropped deuces in your toilets. BTW, have you once again walked away from the property, leaving it empty for this to happen again?"

What is wrong with you???

Anonymous said...

What about the lazy government employee POS that made his crime possible?

Union protection and a fat pension for you buddy!

Anonymous said...

Having a stranger forcibly keep you out of your own home and do whatever unthinkable thing with whatever disease-ridden whoseit he felt like, having had to exert enormous energies to get back what is rightfully hers (and she is not a spring chicken), having to contemplate contamination with various pathogens, dirt, body fluids, etc. would certainly put anyone off. I completely understand her sense of violation. One's home is supposed to be sacrosanct, a refuge, a sanctuary. This turd violated that. She will have to spend money on cleaning, painting, replacing various things this animal violated. Who's going to pay for that? And what's to say he won't return to do her harm after he's released? He should be beaten to a pulp and exported far, far away so that he cannot harm her.

(sarc) said...

The 'Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act' would reduce the mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of certain "non-violent" crimes.

This is more accurately known as the “jailbreak” bill.

Realize that many of the violent offenses are eliminated in plea bargain deals, so the a vast majority of those incarcerated are not listed as "violent" yet they are real predators.

Do not be surprised if this legislation is pushed through both houses in the lame duck session.

When it is passed the jails will be emptied, all crime will skyrocket and no one will be safe.

The politicians will then have the justification to increase the police state, grow government, even greater proliferation of surveillance and data mining, a more rapid erosion of your liberties and freedom, substantially increase taxes to pay for this, thereby again vastly increasing their control over EVERYONE.

George Orwell could not even fathom where we are today, let alone what is rapidly coming in the near future.

The inmates are running the asylum...

Anonymous said...

why you hating on grandma?
if you dont use your stuff for a while somebody else should take it?
hope you never get you entire life stolen

Anonymous said...

A lousy year?????

for fraud.


he'll be inside teaching his bros how to do it again, or this is how he did it.

Anonymous said...

He's in Rikers, will get out in April 2017

any one want to go visit him?

I wonder if he's already a convicted felon.

Anonymous said...

What about the incompetent government employees who enabled this?

What about changing the laws that allowed this to happen and continue to happen?

Anonymous said...


Doesn't the 'Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act' only apply to drug offenders? Someone shouldn't be in jail for decades because they brought pot in bulk.

(sarc) said...


"If passed into law, the bill would reduce several federal mandatory minimum drug and GUN (my emphasis) sentences and make those reductions retroactive for some people; make the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 retroactive; expand the federal “safety valve” exception for drug mandatory minimum sentences; and allow many federal prisoners to earn time credits for completing rehabilitative programs in prison."

As I stated, gun offenses are included in this bill, and when dealing in drugs there are always other components, many violent issues that lacked evidence at the time of conviction or pleaded away. Within the bill is also provisions for heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine offenses - not just marijuana.

The other aspect of this bill is that it is Federal.
There is a great expectation that liberal State Governors will give similar blanket pardons. On the state levels there already has been much plea bargaining and sentence reductions.

As I often state, be aware of the unintended consequences of government action.
The road to hell is paved with these good intentions.

Respecting your opinion, it is my opinion that with FIFTY THOUSAND HEROIN DEATHS PER YEAR, now is not the time to flood the streets with these unemployed, unlicensed professional pharmacists...

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's got silicone cheek implants.
Ugly lookin' dude. Ugly is as ugly does!

Anonymous said...

less than a year?
he should be drawn a quartered

Anonymous said...

I's be content with a lye enema!
Ecch...that was gross. I take at back.

Anonymous said...

He will do it again.....or maybe a different scam.....