Thursday, September 29, 2016

St. Albans doesn't want shelters either

From PIX11:

ST. ALBANS - The Department head of Homeless Services Steven Banks and Mayor de Blasio jointly addressed a crowd filled with disgruntled residents concerned with the city's use of homeless hotels.

PIX11 has covered extensively the city's growing reliance on these hotels, lack of social services, overspending to book those rooms and absence of security.

Residents as of late have been vocalizing their worries over the hotels and on Wednesday, de Blasio heard more of the same.

"I'm terrified of these people who are going to live in these hotels," one woman said. "So I ask you Mayor de Blasio how can you help me and my community address these issues and stop the building of these hotels."

The number of hotels popping up and rezoning changes are on Blasio's list of proposals to the city council in an effort to address those concerns, according to the mayor.

"I think on the larger issue of how we plan the community [is] to make sure the scaling of things is right, etc. is something we want to do more changes to in the city council," de Blasio said.

Meanwhile, the mayor's team is actively booking hotels that are appearing all over the city in order to house the homeless.

All this as the homeless population in the city is on the verge of reaching 60,000.

(The funny thing is that the people that attend these town halls are pre-screened so as to avoid the mayor having to answer embarrassing questions. And I guess black folks value their quality of life and integrity of their communities as much as whites do.)


Anonymous said...

Take a stand against the progressives and their destruction of America, vote Trump

Anonymous said...

Another damning example of why DeBozo was a very ineffective "Public Advocate".

Anonymous said...

Did the term 'racist' or 'NIMBY' come up at this meeting?

JQ LLC said...

This report should have been focused on the town hall meeting itself, for the fact that Mayor Big Slow barely has these that are critical of his disastrous policies and methods. It's preposterous that PIX news has to arrange an interview on this corrupt administration's grounds and demands to get information, or even verbal obfuscation.

I mean, is this PIX's footage? Because if it is then it would have been helpful if the public would see the questions being asked by the citizenry and even those that were astroturfed to fill seats to keep out everybody else and their right to attend it.

I saw this last night, it was one of the lead stories and they relegated it to under 2 minutes. Because they have to make room for that asshole Mr. G's interrupting weather update teasers, viral videos, and 20 minutes of sports reporting (nice coverage of Andy's gams, whoever the EP is. You would make Roger Ailes proud.)

(sarc) said...

Too many useful idiots!

And fear not ALL of these homeless WILL be bused to the polling places to insure their FREE EVERYTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not blame St Albans for their protests.
You got to fight for what is right! City warehousing homeless people in hotels, inns and motels with no kitchens.
Watch out for this administration...they love exploiting the children and playing the race card.
In Maspeth we are not against the children or people of color. We are against using hotels for warehousing the homeless.
This administration paints us as the bad people. We are not the bad people here. You are diBlasio and Banks. You are not the voice of the homeless. You are just the ones who put them in hotels as they wait in so you to place them.
How many hotels are they pushed around to?

Anonymous said...

Eventually people will stop using hotels in the outer boroughs simply because they are known to be homeless shelters. Think about it. Why would you want to?
The city feels tourism is not big in the outer boroughs and felt it was a good idea to take over these hotels to run shelters.
I wonder what the Holiday Inn Express really feels having their hotel and name be sinonomys
with being homeless shelters.
Makes one think huh when traveling is that $179 a night room a homeless shelter?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"So I ask you Mayor de Blasio how can you help me and my community address these issues and stop the building of these hotels."

Wrong Answer!

See how we are conditioned not to hold the toes to the fire of the people that can really do something? Lets say that NYC is made up of - for argument's sake - 100 neighborhoods a purely arbitrary number that is less than half the true number.

So this lady complains to the mayor. Someone in Middle Village complains to the mayor. Another in Sunset Park.

What happens?


Now if they each went to their councilman and their community boards and complained.Follow it up with letters to the editor, picketing, calling up the media, and commenting at community board meetings during the open mike sessions on how their councilman and community board (and community papers as well as borough hall) are ignoring them.

What would happen?

There would be an automatic subcommittee on the council studying the issue and when picked up by the media, a story about a brushfire sweeping the city.

But more importantly, people from different communities start to compare notes. They would short circuit all the fake civics and staged dog and pony shows.

The party machine would be weakened... perhaps eventually fatally.

Anonymous said...

St Albans fight this. Queens is the latest dumping ground for this administration. Get on your elected officials to do what we voted them in for. Fight for the taxpayer. We did not vote them in for their looks.
We have a say in this. Look in Maspeth they voted out Markey and this just the beginning.
Where is QBP Melinda Katz?
How will deBlasio run for reelection? What will he say or promise? I for one did not vote for him and will not vote for him in next year's election.

Anonymous said...

What did Bill deBlasio do as Public Advocate?

Anonymous said...

As a public advocate, Duh Blaz was invisible.
At least Mark Green had a presence.

Anonymous said...

Duh Blaz's second term wish is hanging by a thread along with his mentally ill induced visions for a "better" NYC.
Pop another Prozac, Bill. You need it.

Anonymous said...

We need to start a class action suit

Anonymous said...

Notice how the conversation drifts back to the mayor and all of us playing city government?

We are we starting a class action suit? - we pay taxes for people to do our bidding dammit!

I for one don't have the time to play government nor should I. For a fraction of the time and effort to start a suit you can raise hell in the media about boro hall and your local reps.

Anonymous said...

We used to call them "bums" when the Bowery was the site for drunken homeless men.
Now that the Bowery is a luxury location, we farm our "bums" (male and female with kids) out to where they cannot be seen.
That means in dreggy locations out of site.
Meanwhile Duh Blaz's friends are making millions off of this.
Duh Blaz gets his cut in the form of campaign contributions, like all the other political underling suck ups.

Joe Moretti said...

I wasn't invited. Why Mr. DumbBlasio? WHY?

Afraid of TRUTH & REALITY. Can't let that pesky little duo get in the way.

Anonymous said...

So some people on here don't know what the mayor did as public advocate, but I bet you voted for him not knowing his political past. What maybe because he had a D Infront of his name, paraded around his family, trashed the NYPD in the news?