Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homeless hotels have become an epidemic

From Brooklyn Daily:

Sunset Parkers came out in force to Community Board 7’s Sept. 21 meeting concerned that the city is quietly turning area hotels into homeless shelters. Numerous buildings billed as inns for tourists are actually homes for the transient, but the city is not broadcasting that fact, and locals are fed-up with the lack of transparency, said one resident.

“It feels like a bait-and-switch situation where we were told there was going to be a hotel but it’s a shelter,” said 23rd Street resident Maya Visco, referring to a stalled hotel that is operating as a temporary family shelter on 24th Street between Third and Fourth avenues. “You know I’m a home owner, my kids go to school here. I’m in it for the long haul and I want to know what is going on here, and I feel there is a serious lack of transparen­cy.”

Sunset Park only has one official homeless shelter — a controversial place for single men on 49th Street between Second and Third avenues. But the area is exploding with hotel development, and the Department of Homeless Services is actually renting rooms in five area inns without alerting locals, according to Community Board Seven district manager Jeremy Laufer.

“As they keep telling me, these are not shelters so they do not have to inform us when they are renting there,” he said.

This despite de Blasio having banned the use of hotels as shelters back in February.


Anonymous said...

Hotels are shoe horned into practically every district.
It's easier for them to pass muster.
Once in, many become homeless shelters when business is not doing well.
Fill those vacancies with homeless people.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when those two hotels, along the LIE in Fresh Meadows will be accepting the homeless.
And you didn't think that is possible in posh, leafy northeast Queens.
Think again! The epidemic will reach your quiet nabes in a matter of time.
REBNY is out to block bust every Queens nabe it can ram its agenda into.
What is their agenda, you might ask?
Simple! Increase the density by building to,the max. Bigger buildings, through variances, bigger profits followed by bigger payoffs to crooked council members, like Paul Vallone.
The Vallone law firm are chiefly developers' lobbyists.
LOL! And you dumb fools thought he was in your corner. Don Paulo follows the buck while you get fucked!
Homeowners and residents beware. The Vallone plague is already in your district and spreading.
We call it "The Hack Death"!

JQ LLC said...

These are choice locations. The De Faustio administration are simultaneously gerrymandering and trying to hide the collective homeless by the highways and in, dare I say, areas with working class families. This is just like Maspeth.

If these people organize, and they have because of the gentrification industrial complex's sudden interest in the area and recent influx of hipshit foodie festivals and raves, it's going to be hard to ward off and produce propaganda if the residents there start marching to windsor terrace and park slope for the fact that the majority of people there are spanish, black and asian.

But the city can always send militarized police units with shields, helmets, body armor, pepper spray and tasers to discourage the constituency from marching.

(sarc) said...

It is only "temporary"...

Anonymous said...

also in woodside and long island city on queens boulevard the mayor has put homeless people in the quality inn on 53rd street and qb and laquainta hotel on 37 street and qb along with paying customers but yet our counselman jimmy van bramer claims he knows nothing about them -- they have been there since june, 2016 - the constitutents have a legal right to know what is going on and this should not be under the table -- so the mayor is lying

Anonymous said...

The greatest threat to our peace and quality of life are homeless shelters!!

Anonymous said...

So this mayor is hell bent on putting shelters in every hotel,inn and motel in the outer boroughs.
What happens when every place is full? What is the next option? Where will you warehouse them?
Take over factories? Defunct hospitals? Schools?

Anonymous said...

Why not in Manhattan? Why is Katz not asking this.

Hmmmm. Where IS Katz?

Anonymous said...

>RBNY wants to build more and bigger buildings everywhere

I can believe it

>they're doing this by putting homeless hotels everywhere

That part doesn't make sense, who's going to want to move into those new highrises when there's bums loitering outside them?

Anonymous said...

what a way to destroy a neighborhood. hmmm I wonder what demographic are in these hotels. The irresponsible are being rewarded. Go ahead, have those children you clearly can not afford to support. And no father need not be held financially responsible. He can live for free with baby mama at the hotel.

Anonymous said...

There are some of Duh Blasio's dialed in poverty pimps making money here no matter what these magnets for the homeless are called. It's a growth industry for duh connected Patels and others!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Why not in Manhattan? Why is Katz not asking about that?
NYC's "HUGE" ....to use a Trumpian word....income is from tourism.
We cannot have the homeless littering our polished Disneyesque image. LOL!
Bad enough we have terrorists attacking us.
The homeless would add to keeping the flow of tourists away.
Solution....hide them in the outer boroughs.
You do not get more "outer" than Queens!
Dump it all in Queens. No tourist ever comes here anyway, except, maybe, for the U.S. Open.
Then they scoot the hell back to Manhattan or Connecticut.
Damn....I wish I could afford to live on the Golden Isle.
Gag...just have to make do in Queens, I guess.

Anonymous said...

As far as community boards are concerned, 7 appears to be an unlucky number.
Queens' CB7 is a den of thieves. How many perks does zoning chair Charles Apelian get ?
Do you really think he's in it for just community service?
Follow the buck Chuck never makes a move unless there's something in the pot for him.
DM Bitterman either is dumb or playing dumb. She's got to know what's going on, but for $90,000+ a year, she can dummy up real good!

Anonymous said...

They used to be called SROs