Friday, September 16, 2016

What's become of Kew Gardens' Japanese House

You may recall the saga of the Kew Gardens Japanese House. When we last checked in back in November it had been hit with a stop work order. Above is a collection of photos which serves as a time progression of renovations made to the house. It's become unrecognizable.


Anonymous said...

Mega crappification. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Most of the 1960s Flushing Japanese now live in Hartsdale

Anonymous said...

It was like watching a kid building a house with legos. What a piece of crap.

Gary W said...

It's shame, but what was to be done? The original owner let it go to rot. Someone with more money than sense paid almost a million bucks for it. Now it's a different type of eyesore.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We're Queens...we can't have nice things!

Joe Moretti said...

Come on folks. Is is really that bad? At least there still is yard/greenery and it was not replaced by the typical 3rd world shit apartments with Fedders, meters out front and rusted balconies to store third world crap.

Anonymous said...

This is a direct result of the Queens leadership making us look backward and stupid by feeding us all kinds of garbage and keeping out preservation so they can max donations from developers.

The point is that the other boroughs want nothing to do with Queens. Can you imagine what goes through their minds when the compare NY, Bklyn,S I, and Bronx Historical to Queens Historial? Or what the other borough historians think where ours is obsessed with immigrants and couldn't care less about preservation even to the point of poking fun at it?

The leadership of preservation in Queens is simply a joke. Only wanting to TALK about an issue thinking that makes PROGRESS. So polite. So earnest. So useless and ignored.

Its funny when ask say to the typical Queens resident after an anti-landmark rant if they ever talked to a person that actually lives in a landmark district they stop for a moment, say, they never did, the an instant later look angry that you made them look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

They hit us in Pearl Harbor.
We hit them in Hiroshima, Nagasaki.
Now , even here , not a trace remains of a Japanese style treasure remains.
Only blocks from borough hall,
this demonstrates Beep Katz's attitude towards landmark districts.
She says NO because it hurts her developer friends!
Donald Manes' ghost still rules here.
"Queens has nothing but land, and I intend to develop every bit of it".
The words of the late Manes!

Anonymous said...

Then you have these poor anemic historical societies.
They are dependent on grant handouts from borough hall, so they must temper their tone or get their purse strings cut.
Their main mission shoud be trumpeting preservation not mounting exhibits that draw few attenders.