Saturday, September 17, 2016

Taking out the trash in Flushing

From the Queens Chronicle:

Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) announced that Flushing’s “Restaurant Row” — a block of 40th Road between Prince Street and Main Street — will receive 150 45-gallon pails from Crown Container Company on Tuesday to help clean it up.

“40th Road has always been a challenging part of Flushing,” Koo said. “Crown Container has been an outstanding partner in Flushing, and we are grateful that they have supplied these waste receptacles and new trucks to address the sanitation problems of 40th Road.”

Distribution of the pails began on Monday.

The container company recently bought $300,000 worth of equipment for sanitation on 40th Road and other sections of the neighborhood. Crown also will begin to use a new truck that has a cart tipper which will work to keep the containers from spilling. The collections will happen at 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.

So this company is helping clean up NYC, yet NYC still wants to take away their land for a shitty Willets Point project that will never happen. Okay.


Anonymous said...

The stench on that stretch of 40th road was horrendous even years ago when I would sometimes take the LIRR to Flushing; the railroad stairwell leads right onto that street. I highly doubt these new pails will do anything. The only thing that can fix that area is a bulldozer.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand.

They are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts?

Who is really paying?

What kickback or other benefit are they getting?

No one gives a 300k donation to the city because they want to.

Is this a veiled donation to DuhBlaz? What is he or someone in Flooshing doing in return?

And the pickups are 5-10 pm? Is that right? The busiest part of the restaurant day? I hope they meant 5-10 am.

(sarc) said...

Your government at work...

Anonymous said...

What about the raw sewage smell. They should force all tge restaurant owners to wash their sidewalk space with a shampoo like solution that will clean and disinfect like they do in Spain. MAKE THEM RESPONSIBLE!!

JQ LLC said...

The air over there must be toxic from decades of overflowing trash and toxic dumping in the water.

Sure there will be less garbage now, but the ambiance will remain.

It doesn't mean the restaurants and their customers will change their disgusting habits.

It goes without saying that the plan is to get more patronage and tourism over there, which means more overcrowding. To paraphrase Roy Shrieder in Jaws, they are going to need bigger cans. The area is better off putting royal waste dumpsters on every corner.

Anonymous said...

its more than garbage.

this block is congested with delivery trucks and offloading of merchandise from trucks and dolly push carts loaded with boxes.

No urban planning when into Flushing. Its a cesspool.

Jerry Rotondi, longtime Flushing volunteer said...

Bless you, Jerry Antonacci.
Crown Container has been helping Flushing since I served on the Coalition For A Planned Flushing, back in the 1990s.

Peter Koo comes very late to the fray.
Maybe Koo has been reading all the comments , here on Queens Crap, that show him up for the lazy phony that he really is.

CM Koo supposedly represents the downtown hub, but many have said that he only maintains a Flushing address, but lives in Nassau County over the border of NYC.
No trash in his nabe. Yet he allowed stinky, festering, overcrowded, overbuilt, underserved , downtown Flushing to remain the status quo.
Good show councilman. Great photo op.

How many organizations are around that replicate the "improvement" of Flushing?
Let's see..... Flushing BID, Flushing Chamber, One Flushing, etc.
WHERE IS THE IMPROVEMENT? Precious little! It's still a DUMP!

Flushing Phantom said...

Business must be bad in Flushing these days, for Koo to finally climb aboard the bandwagon that council member Julia Harrison led decades ago.
She personally joined the Coalition For A Planned Flushing in their annual clean up beautification days long before Koo got into the picture.
Crown Container was there helping.

Anonymous said...

Want to really take out the trash in Flushing?
Dump all incumbents from community BORED 7 down the line.
All of the local Flushing betterment groups seem to be doing little but window dressing up Flushing's lousy image.
It is what it is, a major transportation hub, that's all.
Successful? In what other manner?

Anonymous said...

Nice photo op for Koo.
What else does he really do?
Not much, judging Flushing's disgusting appearance.
Ah, but we have the BID, chamber, etc.
Doesn't look like they do much either.
Maybe it's the slobs that need to be taught cleanliness!
Koo dare not criticize his own if he wants his political career to continue.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Koo appears to be a Johnny come lately, but his 11th hour redemption is welcome.
Clean up.Flushing. It's good for everyone.
Julia Harrison scheduled regular Flushing clean up and beautification days.
The Coalition For A Planned Flushing, of which I was a member, conducted these.
Crown Container always volunteered to help.
Thank you Jerry Antonacci!

Anonymous said...

Nor will John Choe's "One Flushing" painted mural improve the stink at the foot of the LIRR stairway.
"Da nose knows" , as old time Flushing resident and vaudevillian Jimmy Durantee once said.
Didn't he play the Keith's Theater?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought this happened before, recently in fact. And the plan was pulled due to sanitation protesting this, so Crown wasn't able to donate bins.....

Anonymous said...

This story was back in May.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Flushing BID / Flushing Chamber/ Greater Flushing Chamber/ ( and whatever non profit is bilking the public) contract out the Doe Fund cleaners? Those streets and sidewalks should be spotless! What do they do all day?

Anonymous said...

"Taking out the trash in Flushing"

I thought this was going to be about the stench that is known as Moby Stashitsky! And while we're at it, let's get rid of the influences of Claire "The Cow" Shulman!!!

Anonymous said...

What do they do all day?
John Choe works for the Flushing Chamber of Commerce and heads up One Flushing.
Collecting two salaries while doing not very much considering what Flushing looks like.

Anonymous said...

The problem in Flushing is like the problem in Jamaica.
It's the people! Throwing money and manpower into these filthy money pits doesn't seem to help much.
Educate, fine the slobs heavily who dump on Flushing and Jamaica.
But Koo won't take any action against fellow Asian garbage dumpers.
Photo ops do not solve shit except promote politicians.
BTW....Jerry Antinacci , of Crown Container , NEVER charge any money for Flushing clean up days back in the 1990s.
He is a true benefactor!

Anonymous said...

How successful is Flushing?
Very successful from the point of view of its racist "towne fathers"
(pols and community board and real estate owners).
It kept the "Blacks" from taking over the town.
"Thank God for the Asians. We didn't want Flushing to become a south Jamaica".
Said by a former state Assemnlyman.

Anonymous said...

Notice the effluent (shit) net stretched across the Flushing River, north of the bridge?
That's to keep the solid shit from floating by.
Uh....what was that 90 million dollar sewage retention tank supposed to do?
Contain the crap and water. It was suitable twenty years ago before the continued overbuilding that has made it obsolete by now.

Anonymous said...

Didn't John Liu and Toby Stavisky promise to kyack in the cleaned up Flushing River?
Liu is gone, and Toby stinks worse than the Flushing Creek.

Anonymous said...

You can't get on the bus on that block because of the trash piled high an deep