Sunday, September 4, 2016

De Blasio dumps lobbyist

From the Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio said Tuesday he has cut ties with his longtime pal James Capalino, the mega-lobbyist at the heart of the pay-to-plan investigations swirling around City Hall.

Capalino, a long-time fixer who's risen to the top of the lobbyist heap during de Blasio's term, has represented several big-money developers seeking City Hall approval for their projects.

Capalino was the lobbyist who pressed top de Blasio officials to back luxury condos at a former Brooklyn hospital site at the same time he was writing big checks to de Blasio’s political causes.


Anonymous said...

How about a Lobiest for We The People

Anonymous said...

Even uber liberals like Dibl-aas-io rely on lobbyists.

JQ LLC said...

So this absolves all those conspiratorial, diabolical tactics and machinations involving all those deed buyouts and real estate plunder. And two less hospitals to serve the public.

A real dumping would be to dump horse feces on this subhuman lobbyist. Instead, he and the predator developers will continue to spread their tower pestilence and utopian density propaganda unabated.

It's become quite routine for the Big Slow to make these sudden decisions, as with the return of campaign donations to seedy conglomerates and individuals in the non-but-actual-profit homeless shelter industry. As with other elected hacks, they suddenly find their conscience when the revelations come out about their donors, but the damage is already done. These weak finance campaigning laws have to be changed immediately, with major penalties and abolishment of projects that were financed through these channels.

Anonymous said...

So we can add "no concept of loyalty" to DeBlasio's near-endless list of sins?

Anonymous said...

LOL! James....Jimmy the mook....Capalino.
As the Feds close in, all that Duh Blasio can do is sit and wait for an indictment.
Cleaning up your act at the 11th hour scores nothing with the FBI.
Call your tailor and get fitted for an orange suit.

Anonymous said...

Too damn skinny for an Italian.
Needs to buff up with some pasta.