Saturday, September 10, 2016

Katz & Sliwa send messages to de Blasio about proposed Maspeth shelter

Melinda, sensing a community victory, suddenly comes out of the woodwork!

Melinda Katz letter to de Blasio re: proposed Maspeth shelter

And Curtis Sliwa attended the Maspeth shelter protest last night:

Meanwhile, NY1 reports that the city is still negotiating with the hotel owner.

Interestingly, a manager at the hotel, believed to be a relative of his, briefly spoke with protesters and was asked to relay a message back to him.

This gets more interesting by the day.

Thank you to Juniper Park Civic Association for the videos and letter.


Anonymous said...

She always pulls this. Even when the People for the NY State Pavilion were making huge news , she had to jump in. In all of her life living right next door to the rusting icon, she had not one ounce of interest in it. She's a phony and needs to be voted out next year.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Curtis.
Melinda a little too late.
The voters want to see our elected officials there with us.
Affordable housing the answer not warehousing people in hotels.

Anonymous said...


Jerry Rotondi said...

Katz is your classic political weather vane.
She goes which ever way the wind blows.

In this particular case, losing votes for her re-election from Maspeth residents,
far outweighs her commitment to her developer and real estate buddies.

Did I hear somebody out there say, in general, "She blows"?

No comment!

Anonymous said...

It may be defeated temporarily,But when the democrats bring in the mostly male "refugees",this will be back again. You can bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Is she still a gay single parent?

Anonymous said...

Now, I wouldn't trust EITHER of these corrupt, fake and monstrously self serving politicians (not public servants!)—EVEN if their collective, forked and slimy tongues were notarized!

Krooked Katz belongs in a jail cell right next to her ex-paramour (and baby daddy!), and right across from the greatest sociopath of them all, who continues to infect and pollute City Hall with the rotting, malingering stench of a foul desert wind—'Big Bird' dumb Blasio himself!

Please, Preet Bharara, I implore you to nab this filthy skunk, or someone (ANYONE!), to begin urgently needed impeachment proceedings for this rotting sack of trash before the entire City of New York turns into a dead zone of anarchy altogether!

The Ghost of Mayor Wagner said...

"I ain't gonna get elected anything with a German last name in New York."

Ach Du Lieber, vas ist los mit you?

Anonymous said...

Great job Curtis. That was some great event. Nice to see Queens still has a powerful civic group left, the Juniper Park Civic Association that can stick it back to Mayor de Blaaaaaasio. Wish we had one in Flushing. Would love to attend a rally like this.

Anonymous said...

I hope these people dont let there guard down. You can bet that scumbag mayor will be back shortly with a sneaky plan B. If your a Maspeth homeowner patch any cracks in your sidewalk, keep leaves & trash swept. Fix any violations.

Big bird is pissed, now REALLY pissed so bet on major harassment (payback) coming.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the sidewalk fixing, sweeping trash.
Also must say this park legally. Ever since shelter made the buzz in Maspeth the traffic police are out giving tickets like crazy. Not once but numerous times seem here on the Plateau.
Took pictures of my new sidewalk just in case.
That is how this administration gets back at us tax paying citizens!
Can not wait for the first snow fall. Will it be a repeat of January 2016? Neighbors cleaning the street just to get out.
After all they want us to use mass transit.! Ha
The 67 runs up the service road and the 18 goes up 69 Street. To walk to Grand Avenue all the city property and small parks not cleaned out so one must walk along Hamilton Place just to get to the 58 and 59. A dangerous walk when cars are coming down 65 Place.

Anonymous said...

Without question a tsunami of enforcement & bullshit tickets coming to small homeowners. What these poor Americans have been put through (and still going) is criminal, its as if these progressive bastards (like the president) want to completely erase America.

Anonymous said...

Big Bird asswipe dah Blahzio is not dead yet. He can't let Maspeth win. Like the evil monster in horror movies he will keep coming back to life. Maspeth needs Preet to finally put an end to him once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Sliwa for borough president!
Anyone but alley Katz who opens her legs for any developer's campaign donations!
Una grande putta!

Anonymous said...

A slum to is a slut.
Katz is a prima slut!
She will bend over backwards.
She will bend over forwards for any developer she can solicit!
In general, she sucks as a borough president!

Anonymous said...

Correction t o,the above post...f-----g spell check.

Anonymous said...

The voters want to see our elected officials there with us.

WTF???? How F$%$%*#% stupid are you? After all the $%&#%( these morons throw on you that is the last thing you should expect or want to see.

The only way you can win is stop playing by their rules and start playing by yours. You have the numbers, people. You are the elephant in the room.

Your masters only hold empty fear and complete bullcrap over you and pitting neighbor against neighbor to control you.

Form a group independent of the Party and dictate terms to them!

ron s said...

RE: Anonymous
"Without question a tsunami of enforcement & bullshit tickets coming to small homeowners. What these poor Americans have been put through (and still going) is criminal, its as if these progressive bastards (like the president) want to completely erase America."

Putting aside the actual real issues of this thread, how in hell does president Obama end up in the discussion? Will you blame him for tornados and spoiled vegetables in your fridge also?
Give me a break-this is a local issue--keep your dopey Obama issues out of it.

Anonymous said...

Quote ""how in hell does president Obama end up in the discussion""

Its related because progressives like the Mayor and the president are working together for the same goal. The president views community's like Maspeth and Middle Village as "to white and the Mayor wants to destroy those neighborhood to get that federal money. --and so on down the line.
If this federal "neighborhood busting" rewards money wasn't up for grabs this mess would likely not have happened.
One needs to recognize not only the local enemy's but also the feeders and enablers and get those tyrants out of office because if not they WILL be back with more ammo literally at gunpoint next time.

This problem of force ramming homeless and millions of illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees into family neighborhoods is now happening at nation wide not just Maspeth but all over.

Not a joke, people need to pay more attention.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ron s

As much as all politics being local, unfortunately the Federal Government has its hands and nose in every portion of our lives. And yes, president Obama is involved indirectly in so many things.

President Obama has a big plan to impose big changes in America — changes based on race and “reparations” — that’s what the occupant of the White House is now shown to be as he heads toward the conclusion of his presidency. One of the largest and most far-reaching social engineering and “social justice” programs of his time in office, Barack Obama is quietly overseeing the unprecedented collection of massive amounts of personal data on individual Americans, including where and how people live and work.

An article in the New York Post entitled “Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database” reveals that the Obama administration is “prying into our most personal information…for the purpose of ‘racial and economic justice.'”

Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites.
this vast data mining and analysis by Obama and company is the program run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that will provide the justification for federal bureaucrats to manipulate the socio-economic mix of virtually any neighborhood in any part of the country, urban or suburban.

This ominous HUD program is known as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. It could theoretically be used to declare that — based on numbers alone — a community is unfairly segregated simply because of its racial mix, not because of any discrimination that may have occurred or prejudice that might have affected who lives there.

In other words, THE FEDERAL government could order that subsidized, low-income housing be installed in an upscale community where minority families on the lower end of the economic ladder are not “fairly” represented. Choice would, therefore, be taken away from people who originally bought into such a community, deemed inherently “racist” because of who does, or does not, live there.

Anonymous said...

A slum to is a slut.
Katz is a prima slut!
She will bend over backwards."

But let us not forget who she was shacking up with for several years...CURTIS SLIWA!!!

Anonymous said...

I like all the fancy-schmancy words this fraud Katz or her $120,000/year flunkies used. Such as promulgate, sustainable and dissonant. I cringe whenever a hack, from Obama on down, uses the word sustainable, when these are the most wasteful pigs around. Flying around on their private jets to feel good eco-conferences and global warming conferences.
What a farce!

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to put low income families in affluent neighborhoods. It was in the newspaper not to long ago. He wants a mixture of people in these neighborhoods. Westchester was mentioned and Long Island.
What gets me is you know how much you pay. Ok the same house to a low income family. Who pays that tax bill? School tax? Mortgage? The taxpayers? Other house hold expenses? there an affluent family living in a low income area? Imagine Warren Buffet moving into a low income area? Does not make any sense? Unless he wants to save money?
I am all for a mixture but really how many families in a one family house just to make ends meet?

Anonymous said...

Forget about Obama and stop talking trash about our trashy beep.

All politics is local. Go after the people you have some degree of control over: the minions of Honest Joe Crowley's Democratic Machine that serve developers and the needs of the Democratic Organization, not our communities.

Create our own machine where the loyalty is your community and our borough.

Anonymous said...

Trump Sliwa ticket!

Anonymous said...

Right on about Obama!
You butt heads are too ficking lazy to act locally.
It is your crooked council members that are screwing you.
I heard that it's going to,rain tomorrow. It must be President Obama's fault.
WTF are you going to do....who will you blame when Obama leaves office?
Oh yeah....God forbid, Trump or over the hill Hillary.
We are screwed!

Joe said...

""Rain tomorrow. It must be President Obama's fault""

Just like this "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" nightmare being rammed down out throats by the democrats the horrible weather predictions IS Obama fault too!

I was a tech at NBC New York and had a front row seat. What happened was Obama deregulated our government satellites to allow Europe and the rest of the world use them. Almost instantly all the local TV stations fired the professional meteorologists, sold the equipment and roof space and use weather analysis on the cheap from overseas (and its always wrong)
Local TV just places some chick (they already have on salary like Audrey Puente) in a skirt in front a prompter & blue screen. The reporter then and "reads a mocked up **interpretation** of the official NWS forecast.

Most all your the NWS weather predictions including hurricane models come from people and computers in Europe who can now share out satellites. Doppler 4 atop the NBC (GE) building is now this "Top Of The Rock" where rich weirdos sip $1000 Champagne Cocktail.
The Doppler system was crated, sold and shipped to some TV station in Argentina.

The whole system needs to be flushed of these America hating progressives from the president down.


Anonymous said...

All the Italians think because she's not fat, she mus be a lesbo. All the Irish think because she don't drink&puke, she's a slut? She was raised Irish Catholic.

Anonymous said...

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