Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Van Bramer stops de Blasio backed project

From the Daily News:

The developer of a Queens affordable housing project has scrapped the proposal amid opposition, another defeat for Mayor de Blasio’s home-building push.

Phipps Houses yanked the application to build 209 apartments in Sunnyside, all of them income restricted, a day before the City Council was set to hold a hearing.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Queens) had vowed to oppose the plan, making approval all but impossible on the Council, which usually follows the lead of the local member on development projects.

It’s the second defeat of a project under de Blasio’s mandatory inclusionary housing rules, after an Inwood proposal was voted down in the Council. But a large project for the Bronx was approved last week.

De Blasio got personally involved with the push for the Sunnyside plan - saying he would have a “polite but firm” conversation with Van Bramer to persuade him the project was a “blessing.”

But Van Bramer said the mayor’s intervention backfired.

“The mayor’s involvement here was not helpful,” he said. “His comments about me sort of ratcheted this thing up and helped to get my community riled up, and that was not conducive to working out a deal.”


Anonymous said...

What? The envelope ain't thick enough Jimmy?

Anonymous said...

This is the same scumbag who points to Maspeth and say's we're a bunch of nimby's.

JQ LLC said...

Reportedly quoted sitting in front of his vanity desk...

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who will be the first openly queer mayor?

He's an opportunist creep but he sees the tide turning. This recent transformation from money grubbing whore for predatory developers to populist politician kind of shows that Mayor dope from the slope is in bigger trouble than he imagines he's not.

(sarc) said...

There will be HELL to pay...

Anonymous said...

I guess the developer's check to Jimmy wasn't for enough dough!

That is the only reason they would vote against a developer.

Anonymous said...

It's all a charade. He's still in Bill's pocket.

Anonymous said...

The public pressure convinced him not to go along with the plan. He likes to wait and see and then make a decision. Its not a calculated decision but a cowardly one !!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Of course Van Bramer did not want it.
The city councilman lives nearby.
Yet he had no objection to voting in favor of Wolkoff's two 40 story project at the former 5 Pointz site adjacent to the Court Square #7
BTW....he took $10,500....chump change....from the Wolkoff family,
afterwards voted in favor of their request for a zoning variance permitting the construction of the two mega towers.
I was at that city council hearing.

Wait a minute. The story is not finished yet.
JImmy Van Bramer , who claims to be a strong labor union supporter, now claims he is miffed because Wolkoff broke his promise and is using non union labor.
JVB is just another typical two faced Queens politician....par for the course.
Learn to vote smarter, folks!

Anonymous said...

What Jerry Rotondi said....!!!!

r said...

Van Bramer vs. DeBlasio..It's hard to know who to root for. They are both such ultimate assholes. Usually there is a lesser of two evils, but I can't decide here.....

Anonymous said...

Where Van Bramer lives "Sunnyside Gardens" was originally built as affordable workers' housing.
Now that it has become more of an oupper class historic district nabe, JVB does not want this affordable housing project built next to him.
Phony, hypocrite! Hmmm...Jimmy fucks his district and now his chickens come home to roost to fuck him.
Oooooh! Love it! "Nimby", screams the lisping queen! Taste a dose of how you REBNY owned pols have screwed us all.