Sunday, September 18, 2016

Call it what it is, Bill!

From ABC:

New York City's mayor said an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan Saturday night that injured 29 people was an "intentional act."

The explosion happened around 8:30 p.m. Saturday in front of 131 West 23rd Street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues.

Twenty-eight of the people hurt suffered minor injuries, and one person's injuries are being described as serious. All are expected to survive.

Debris landed on nearby cars and shattered some windows. Two cars on West 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue had their back windows blown out. An 8-year-old who was in the back seat was injured.

The incident was captured on multiple surveillance cameras.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that while the blast appeared to be intentional, it does not appear to be linked to terrorism.

Can someone explain to me how there can be two bombs planted in the middle of Manhattan and the mayor is saying that it's not terrorism? Does he think we're stupid?


Anonymous said...

"Does he think we're stupid?"

Do you ever see a room full of Queens residents and a politician walks into a room?

The answer is simply 'yes.'

Anonymous said...

Wasn't 9/11 intentional too? This mayor has to go!

Anonymous said...

It is only terrorism for them if it was the tea party that placed them.

I wonder if Central Park in July was a trial run set off by accident by that kid who lost his foot?

chico0100 said...

Just to be clear....

It wasn't a bombing in Chelsea - It was an incident.
It wasn't terrorists - It was an intentional act.
It didn't cause casualties - There were minor injuries from the intentional act and incident.

Got it?

Thanks de Blasio...glad you cleared it up for us.

Anonymous said...

yes, next question

Joe Moretti said...

Terrorism 101:

the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

READ DUMBLASIO, "use of violence to intimidate or coerce". I think a bomb going off with another bomb nearby fits that definition.

Why do so many liberals (and I am liberal)refuse to call a spade a spade. Why do they defend the rights of women but yet do not acknowledge the horrible treatment that Muslim women have to go through due to their religion. Do not those women count.

You cannot have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

This PC bull shit will get us all killed

Anonymous said...

A) Wouldn't trust a work Mayor Prozaced-ass says, and B) Does he really think we're that stupid?

Anonymous said...

yup, this pc crap will get us all killed and we're not supposed to acknowledge it or fight back in any way. What if it was someone in a burka that did this, with their face covered up?

Exact same devices were used at the Boston Marathon.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is sending 1,000 National Guard and State Troopers to NYC for an incident?

Deke DaSilva said...

Let's not forget Comrade Bill's core constituency:

Anonymous said...

Oh, please people——we are talking about the most corrupt, lethally dangerous mayor in the history of all New York City's frightening, intensely incompetent mayoral depravity, and thy name is Bill de Blasio——who couldn't find his OWN tiny, flaccid balls with a GPS!

So, you voted for this empowered idiot, now deal with it——or IMPEACH this useless shithead immediately——or has everyone already forgotten that there is STILL a little thing called public referendum that has the power to rid a scourge like this from sucking any more public money from the languishing taxpayer, without working for a living, much less productivity of any visible kind? Are you listening, PBA President Patrick Lynch?

Anonymous said...

This bombing was not Muslims and I'll tell you why,it would have been in the open for mass casualties,they do not go Half Way,this Bombing and there will be more,this was done by Black Lives Matter,this is the entrance of BLM into Terrorism and the NYPD AND MAYOR KNOW IT and those in power are looking for a way to spin it,
Welcome Radical Black lives Matter to the game of Terror,
Bus and trains are next for these cowards,this was a test run,soon people will die by the hands of angry Americans with a Wink and a Nod of the Democratic Party who stand and or take a knee in support of BLM.

Anonymous said...

It's a New Game Now,it was only a matter of time,
Bill Clinton pardoned 17 FALN murdering bombers for the Latino vote to get Hillary elected in NY,if caught,these guys know Thier safe from life in prison with a Democrat in office.the days of burning down Thier neighborhoods is over and their coming for you.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Crappy, it's likely, but still premature. I think he's right to let NYPD and FBI need to formally rule out a one-off plot by some deranged guy or a sadistic prankster. Otherwise he would have to backtrack. He gains nothing from jumping the gun. Let's wait to judge until what he says after the official statement is made by the investigatord.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor, wasn't the 9/11 "incident" also an "intentional act?"

Anonymous said...

The dog ate my homework!

JQ LLC said...

I immediately thought of that bag of dynamite that was left in central park too. It's perplexing how it exploded because some kid unwittingly stepped on it. The NYPD, Mayor and the lapdog local news media totally sugar-coated that incident.

And now we got this on the eve of the UN assembly. And the instruments used were pressure cookers, just like in the Boston Marathon from a few years ago. And the locations are soft targets. A home for the blind and a hot spot high commuter block in Chelsea and the FIT. A lot of restaurants and bars there similar to those cities in France that got attacked.

Maybe I'm not in the C.I.A. or NCIS or even Jack fucking Bauer, but a blind man, say one from that boarding house where it blew up, can see that this was a terrorist attempt or even a trial run or test to see the response of the cops and EMTs.

So how does Mayor Big Slow and other appointed and elected officials respond to this and inform the public. With obfuscations, mollifications and lofty reassurances and other lame phraseologies.

"this will not change who we are or how we go about our lives'

"there is no specific or credible threat to our city"

"we have the best police force in the world"

and I forgot the idiot asshole official who advised everyone to "continue going out and have a good time". This is what passes for vigilance these days, continue shopping, mingling and bar hopping.

Since we have confirmation that this intentional act has no possible or credible ties to ISIS, Al queda or the other hundred spinoffs that have surfaced in the perpetual war on terror, what is the point of barricading the streets and sectioning off special lanes for the figureheads of the world's nations gathering at the UN and residing at the fanciest hotels. If there is no credible threat, then they can do without all these special needs and our cops and other emergency services that derive part of our paychecks can be used properly to serve and protect with courtesy, professionalism and respect for the citizenry of the best fucked up city in the world. Let these elitist and entitled hacks used their own secret service to protect their candy asses.

And another thing or two:

That was some sleepy response by Manifest Hillary. It look like she just took a few ambien before she deign to face the press. And a very timid response by the Candidate Chrump.

That pressure cooker that was found by FIT may be the most disturbing thing about this, and maybe proves that this was a test and that subhuman wanted that to be found intact. Again, it;s the same weaponized appliance as the Boston Marathon.

Mayor Big Slow loves to obfuscate. It's the only thing he's skilled at. Nothing to see here. Just stay calm and keep spending money on artisan food, keep bar hopping, and keep investing in this delusory and overvalued real estate market.

Anonymous said...

It does not inflame racial or religious hatred to label it as a terrorist act, especially if he doesn't blame a particular group. You're not being prejudiced if you call it terrorism. Many might automatically think that it was linked to radical Islamic terrorism, but let's wait for the investigation. However, if someone sets off a bomb, it's terrorism, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor this is no intentional act. This person responsible wanted to terrorize these innocent people enjoying a beautiful Saturday night in the city.
Call it what it is... Terrorism. Home grown or overseas. This person should be put in a place and let a few of these bombs go off around them. I strongly believe in an eye for an eye.
We live in a very different world now. We can not let fear get to us because they will win.
One more question Mr Mayor if this was an intentional act what was their intentions?
Answer to terrorize!

Anonymous said...

They have the vidio of the second bomb being placed,if this is BLM it's a game changer,police are no longer the target,we the people are the target.

Anonymous said...

To the asshole in charge - IT IS TERRORISM you moron.

JQ LLC said...

Here is some intel from last friday. (thank you washington post)

"In his last speech before he was killed in an airstrike last month, spokesman Abu Muhammaal-Adnani alluded to the increasing problems facing foreigners wishing to travel to Islamic State territory. He also issued the sort of threat that explains why Western security officials fear that ­extremist-fueled attacks will not end just because access to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq has been restricted.

“If the tyrants have closed in your faces the door of hijrah [migration], then open in their face the door of jihad and make their act a source of pain for them,” he said in a late-May audio recording. “The smallest action you do in the heart of their land is dearer to us than the largest action by us, and more effective and more damaging to them.”

He urged his followers to strike civilian rather than military targets, as hitting the former is “more damaging.”"

These are attack orders from the top and disturbingly, beyond in spirit.

Your welcome Mr. Mayor De Faustio and the NYPD. (Bratton must be drunk with glee and Johnny Walker Blue that he's done here. What timing)

Great observation by last anon

"One more question Mr Mayor if this was an intentional act what was their intentions?"

This mayor can't even use doublespeak right?

Snake Plissskin said...

Hiya Deke! Hows things?

Boy oh Boy that Immigration Act of '65 is the worst action of Washington since Dreed Scott. Eh?

See ya around town, kid.

Anonymous said...

The second bomb had a note written partially in Arabic:

“In another new wrinkle, a hand-written letter, a portion of which is in Arabic, was found inside a plastic bag that held the second device, sources said….The witnesses were dining at the Krush bar and grill on 32nd Street about a half-hour before the 8:30 p.m. Saturday explosion when they saw an Arab-looking man who was carrying a suitcase and appeared out of place, sources said.”

This was from

Anonymous said...

"Why do so many liberals (and I am liberal)refuse to call a spade"

I think its part mental disease and government control. The news people have to agree not to use certain words to get a green light to release this story. (new AP guidelines mandated by Obama and the FCC)

Trump was actually the first to report this terrorist attack and he was 2000 miles away. Now people know all the associated press members are being controlled by the government under gunpoint. This country is in deep DEEP shit

Anonymous said...

He's not saying it's a terrorist act because there are people that would immediately interpret to mean Islamic terrorist act . Even though it obviously is a terrorist act .

By the way "eye for an eye " person , that's not what that phrase means . It's means " the punishment must fit the crime " it doesn't literally mean an eye for an eye .

Anonymous said...

Junior Varsity amateur wannabe terrorist,just wait till they grow up.

Anonymous said...

So as you sleep it's 2,30 am and more bombs are going off,don't be surprised if people you love die,this administration loves kissing muslum ass,
When the blast is big enough first responders should go home and take take of their own family.

Anonymous said...

This is Chelsea, a known gay neighborhood. Muslims hate gays, don't they?
Bingo! Not an act of terrorism?
Spin doctor it as you wish , Duh Blaz, this is another nail in the coffin of tourism.

Anonymous said...

Maybe living in dull, never visited Queens, is the best bet.
A terrorist can't make his bones blowing up a Q16 bus stop in the middle of nowhere.
I just love safer boring Queens.
Who would ever think it?

Anonymous said...

True dat, about the safer Queens borough.
Counting out Staten Island, which should really be ceded to New Jersey...
You got Brooklyn...the "bros" are busy with drive by shootings.
Is da Bronx much better? Manhattan has its major terrorist attacks.
So, there ya go Queens.
The only terrorists that strike our borough are the land speculators, real estate developers, and crooked politicians....of which...
we have many. No blood is being spilled wholesale, at least.
Thanks be to the Lord! Amen!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"They have the vidio of the second bomb being placed,if this is BLM it's a game changer,police are no longer the target,we the people are the target."

Why bring BLM into this? When have they done something like this? They're not smart enough, nor enterprising enough to do something as sophisticated as a pressure cooker bomb.

Crappy, I hope you report the IP of the contributor of this comment, as it can be seen as a threat. "So as you sleep it's 2,30 am and more bombs are going off,don't be surprised if people you love die,this administration loves kissing muslum ass,
When the blast is big enough first responders should go home and take take of their own family."

Anonymous said...

They just arrested him after a shootout in NJ. Definitely terrorism. You're a fucking idiot, BDB.


Anonymous said...

He was a woman hater. The Arabs don't have their women working in the delis and candy stores. ONLY MEN. What is up with that? One of the people being interviewed said all of a sudden he got religious. Yup. the beard, the neighbors in Briarwood, all had those skanky beards and wearing jalabbi's, little caps and very rude.
Many young guys living in a basement apartment, this was before the first WTC bombing.

This guy was probably brainwashed and did this extent instead of going out on the town on a Saturday night on a date with a woman.

Thank God that they found them and the five people with the bombs.

Anonymous said...

Be armed,or be harmed.........

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

What happenened to the emergency alert system they are always testing? No, can't interrupt the ball games....gotta support the team...Good thing i am signed up for text alerts otherwise would not have found out about it till the next day.
At 8:42 pm-
FROM: Notify NYC
NYPD activity: expect traffic delays & emergency personnel near 23rd St & 7th Ave. Please avoid the area & use alternate routes.
At 9:40 pm-
FROM: Notify NYC
Due to explosion at 23rd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, MN, expect train service delays/cancellations, street closures, & traffic delays
At 11:13 pm-
FROM: Notify NYC
MTA disruptions on F/1/2 Lines & traffic disruptions btwn 5-7th Ave btwn 14th St & 34th St (MN). Info:

Anonymous said...

The Trump Campaign is Hypnotizing young middle eastern muslum men to jihad
The young man was heard screaming Trump made me do it over and over,Trump should be arrested to stop this crime wave,Trump came to me in my sleep and he told me to do it too!,I said Mr Trump Im CATHOLIC and then he spayed me with instant Tan And I started praising Allah,For Real Man,then he showed me my 70 Virgins and they all looked like hillary and I woke up screaming and thought it was all a dream and then I saw the spray tan on the end table,
Trump is after our Brains!!!

Joe in Richmond hill said...

I don't expect to see anymore complaints posted here or elsewhere about the homeless or others digging through the trash or recyleables.

Anonymous said...

Just tell us what it is. We New Yorkers can take it. A bomb is bomb.
I do not allow these people to instill fear in me.
I wake up each and every morning with a promise of a new day. We must go on living.
We must show these people our resolve and our strength. Living in fear just robs us of so many things. Life is way to short and so very precious.

Anonymous said...

Fifty hours to capture is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Duh Blaz finally admitted that it was terrorism.
Dante woke him up from his Prozac nap.