Monday, September 12, 2016

Drunk tennis fans get a pass

From the NY Post:

Parks Department officers are under strict orders not to issue summonses for public drinking, urination and other offenses around Arthur Ashe Stadium so as not to spoil the fun for tournament-goers, it was revealed Thursday.

In the past, Parks Enforcement Patrol officers usually wrote hundreds of tickets during the two-week tennis championship, said Geoffrey Croft, the head of NYC Park Advocates.

But this year, officers were specifically told by the head of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park command, “Don’t write summonses during the US Open,” Croft said.

“Talk about a Tale of Two Cities — it’s selective enforcement,” one officer told Croft, who writes the blog “A Walk in the Park.”

“Crime is going up and summonses are down. We’re being hindered from doing our job. The US Open is calling the shots.”

The head of the union that represents the PEP officers, Joseph Puleo, accused the city of “using our officers as political pawns and allowing crimes to be committed without coverage.”


Anonymous said...

I would be curious to hear from how high up this order came. This couldn't be more elitist. Do you think for one moment that if that was a hip hop concert that there would be an order to not issue summonses?

This byzantine mayor is so full of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

But I bet the city will continue to ticket locals and visitors picnicking in the park.

JQ LLC said...

So now it's confirmed, only rich people and frivolous spenders have carte blanche to get loaded in public.

Speaking of favoritism towards rich alcoholics, Riis Park has 4 bars and the Rockaway Beach sidewalk/boardwalk has 5 barsteraunts on it. There is no way the PEP or NYPD is going to issue summonses or even cuff obnoxious disorderlies if it cuts down on businesses. And our caring government is complicit in this concern for bringing the sunday imbibing and selling of booze to 10 am and the way liquor licenses are approved with ease.

This is why our big slow mayor and the shitty petty council ease the laws against public drinking and pissing. Because hedonism is mostly committed by those that can afford it. Ironically, they can afford to pay hefty fines for their crapulence

Of course now that the Post has brought attention to it, now there will be a temporary blitz of repression, so watch out you common folk, middle class and working poor trying to relax with a cold one or two (like we always did)

Jerry Rotondi said...

By all means....hold your urge to urinate , until you reach Melinda Katz's office.
This developers' courtesan pees all ove us. So why not return the favor?

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? The city and the NYPD are absolutely consistent on this one.

Police on private property not handing out summonses for quality of life offenses, they are there for security.

How about cops looking the other way on public streets during the West Indian parade and the Jouvert celebration, drinking, drug use, etc.?

Handcuffing the cops under the DeBlasio administration starts us down the path to Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A year ago I would have agreed with the accusations of selective enforcement and double standards along economic lines. But considering everything the mayor and the city council have done to undermine enforcement of "minor offenses" around the city, the lack of enforcement at the USTA this year is just par for the course in the new Socialist Republic of New York.

Anonymous said...

You can't lock up the white people. Who is going to work and pay the taxes everyone else lives off?

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of tennis fans do not want to be subjected to this vulgar behavior and would welcome strict enforcement and the city would stand to profit from stiff fines for such behavior. It's the lunatic city council and mayor who pushed for the decriminalization of public urination and drinking. The police and park enforcement realize that public behavior is better, public appreciation of them is increased and their jobs become that much easier when quality of life crimes are rigorously enforced. Bring back BROKEN WINDOWS POLICING & STOP & FRISK.

Anonymous said...

When BDB Get's re-elected (That's right the sheeple WILL Re-elect the scumbag) it won't happen again, after the way he was booed on opening night, look for a ticket blitz next year...

Anonymous said...

You expect peeing at hockey games. Heaven forfend...not tennis!

Anonymous said...

Samafagam, I googled the peeing fox and it is real!

Anonymous said...

BDB might not get re-elected, but to be sure, REBNY will pay to elect a candidate just as bad as big bird.
Get it yet? The real estate lobby runs NYC.
They buy the mayor and the city council.
LMAO! Just go to your community board and be heard. They are owned by the same lobby.
Do you think that shady CB7's follow the buck Chuck Apelian does it for nothing?
Maybe district manager Marilyn Bitterman kicks back a portion of her ninety grand salary to him.
She keeps a low profile at Mitchell Gardens. Low expenses but a lot of "gold" in the vault.
All these boards operate, and I do mean operate, at taxpayers' expense.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Wellington Chen help "advise" her on a trip to Canada way back?
Isn't CB7 headquartered in a building that Chen was associated with?
Bring on the FBI. Squeeze Bitterman. She 's the weak link in the chain and will give it all up to save herself.
Then watch Chuck come tumbling down! Then squeeze him. He'll rat out the big guys to cut jail time.
RU federal agents following this?
C'mon, Preet, there's a lot of unfinished work for you.
Flushing is an epicenter for Asian money laundering and the purchase of politicians.
It started with Manes and Huang and Ackerman.

Anonymous said...

Simple civilized compromise.
Drink your beer then pee in the bottle.
Caution yourself to remember which bottle contains the used beer before drinking.