Friday, September 23, 2016

Preet nails Cuomo donors

From The Buffalo News:

A massive pay-to-play scheme involving alleged bid rigging of state contracts involving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money was outlined by federal prosecutors Thursday in a case that targets longtime advisers and major donors of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

Manhattan-based U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s case alleges bribery, extortion and tax evasion. It also muddies a picture of ethical cleanliness that Cuomo has sought to portray of his administration since taking office in 2011.

Bharara, the prosecutor who has brought high-profile and successful cases against a lineup of state legislators, said Albany’s plague of corruption has now touched the executive branch of government.

“I really do hope that there’s a trial in this case so all New Yorkers can see in gory detail what their state government has been up to,” Bharara said in unveiling the Justice Department’s case against nine people, including Cuomo advisers Joseph Percoco and Todd R. Howe, and Alain E. Kaloyeros, president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Louis P. Ciminelli, the Buffalo developer who is chairman and CEO of LPCiminelli, also is accused in the pay-to-play scheme. But allegations stretch across the state


Anonymous said...

Cuomo's father was shady too, despite his impressive sounding rhetorical tone.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Sweep all community boards for deception, fraud and corruption!
This is a most fertile ground. All corruption begins or ends locally!
Please put this next on the FBI's list. Thank you for a great job Mr. Bharara!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Preet!
There are quite a few NYC council members that are in the play to play game.
It is all connected to the real estate and building industry.
The mob is also , historically, involved with that industry.
Finish the job you started up in the Albany hideaway.
Albany has always been the hole in the wall where down staters hid their loot and conducted their operations.
It is far from the watchful eyes of NYC.
The name Toby Stavisky, longtime political dynastic family member, is a starting point for more convictions.
Silver and Skelos were just the tip of the iceberg.
Take this anonymous Queens Crap tip. There is a lot to be uncovered here.

former upstate employee, retired now said...

There's a lot more shit to be uncovered here.

JQ LLC said...

Mario's son is in the gubernatorial protection program. Isn't it interesting that all these fiends from the senate and assembly party leaders and these pigfuckers involved with a squandered economic and job creating program have all been cuffed and charged yet Andy gets to walk free and continue to solicit funds, appear at events named for him and legislate while all this chaos orbits his scrawny ass.

I have an inkling that Mayor Big Slow will be next.

The investigation in the Buffalo Billions graft was actually done quick. Now go get the gentrification industrial complex and the agents of the city. Faster Preet, Faster

Anonymous said...

I'm going to put on my tinfoil hat for a minute and speculate that Cuomo might have worked out his own immunity and is instead throwing lackeys under the bus to keep Preet at bay. I always figured he escaped indictment in 2015 not because he was less guilty, but because he was sufficiently smarter than Skelos and less arrogant than Silver to keep his powder dry because he has his eye on the presidency. As an executive leader, he also has a lot of power to just tell his commissioners what to do and how to spend the state budget directly. And when things heat up like they are now, he can be sure that it's the people in his web who have a paper trail whom the feds sink their hooks into.

Anonymous said...

Let's look close to home....gianaris and puppet simotas

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wait. Hillary gets elected, Preet gets reassigned, charges go away.

Anonymous said...

It's time for this dynastic, coattail riding hustler of nepotism to go! If Cuomo knew about all of this endless trail of corruption, graft and greed, then he was complicit and should resign from public office (and not wait to be eliminated). And, if he didn't know about all of this corruption, then he is incompetent and should go immediately.

At this point in time, he's lost ALL of his moral authority (which wasn't every really strong and anchored by any measure of character, integrity and principle in the first place)!

Anonymous said...

And what happens if Trump gets elected?
Worse shit!
I just moved back to Ireland.
I have a dual passport.
You Americans are really going to get screwed royally if the Donald wins.
Just wait and see.
Meanwhile, I'll be living across the pond in retirement watching it all on the telli.