Thursday, September 1, 2016

Big Bird booed badly

From DNA Info:

Fresh off a week-long trip with his family to New England, Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke Monday at the kickoff for the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park — but it wasn't exactly an ace.

Tennis fans loudly booed the mayor from the minute he was announced through his praise of Arthur Ashe Stadium's brand-new roof and into his remarks about a player he planned to root for, according to video of the event and social media.

During his remarks, de Blasio told the crowd "a lot of New Yorkers are going to be rooting for Puerto Rico's own Monica Puig, we are so proud of what she achieved in the Olympics."

But the recent gold medalist had been eliminated from the tournament earlier in the day, losing in the first round to China's Zheng Saisai.


(sarc) said...

And the useful idiots will again reelect him...

JQ LLC said...

Such a stupid 6'5" bag of dead dicks.

He must have thought he would feel safe and secure at a moneyed event than face the citizenry of Maspeth and other towns he has instituted the gerrymandering and warehousing of the collective impoverished, the sick and the recidivist criminal.

Ironically, also to evade said citizenry, he actually went to Rikers to address the problems there, and got booed too.

there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Mayor Big Slow. And that goes too for your city agents, especially lil lincoln.

(Big Bird is an American treasure. Let's not malign a classic character...)

GaryW said...

Booed buy a bunch of suburbanites who can't even vote in city elections.

Anonymous said...

He's such a loser. Im glad I can't take the blame that he's in office, I did not vote for him! I know a trainwreck when I see one and he definitely is one!

Anonymous said...

Yes....glue a few fallen feathers on his shoulder, and he certainly looks like Big Bird.
What a doofus. The only reason he got elected was that voters were voting AGAINST Christine Quinn.
This odd bird is a one termer....the worst political train wreck NYC has seen.

Anonymous said...

" During his remarks, de Blasio told the crowd "a lot of New Yorkers are going to be rooting for Puerto Rico's own Monica Puig, we are so proud of what she achieved in the Olympics."

So no New Yorkers in the tournament?

Anonymous said...

nothing like pandering for the hispanic vote.

Anonymous said...

Thats what they did SHAME on them--they should have at least thrown camera batterys

Anonymous said...

The funny part to all this is how deBozo's press secretary tried to downplay it all by saying that booing the mayor at events like this is a NYC pastime!! I don't think so buddy!! We boo when we see a bozo, an overgrown doofus. He is a huge disappointment and I'm glad I didn't vote for this wacko- now we just need to focus on getting him out, fast!

Anonymous said...

Almost every video of him on you tube he is getting booed !!
Cut and past the whole link for a list and have a good laugh

Anonymous said...

Big bird?
More like big turd!

JQ LLC said...

With a few fallen feathers.

Nah, it's going to take a bushel. And about a barrel of tar.

Joe said...

Careful the mayor is on the war path and out for revenge. The bastard is sending sidewalk inspectors to Maspeth. My friend on 60th st and his 5 of his neighbors all just got a $1900 fines for cracked sidewalks.
(Totally bogus ticket, no danger or tripping hazard exsists with that sidewalk)

kapimap said...

Deblasio sucks, we get it. How come we dont look at bloombergs 12 years of crap. He was a part of it too. The use of hotels for homeless has been going on in manhattan for a long time.

Anonymous said...

A bushel full...a barrel of tar....and a rail to ride him out of town!
Pitch forks and torches circling Gracie Mansion too!
Big Bird is always late because of a hangover from his prescriptions.
Just vote the mentally ill, medicated bastard out at the polls!
Dump all of your local,stooges too. A change for the better begins with flushing your toilet'
Hear that, Vallone, Van Bramer, Crowley, Stavisky, Koo.....YAWN.....etc. ?
The list is far too long to list.

Anonymous said...

His eyes always look stoned. His monotone lifeless demeanor indicates medicated to the ears.
His former lesbian wife and Afro blow dried hairdo son carry him.
He only needs to bobble head approve any developer's plans or homeless shelter group's plots.
Put one shelter next door to his Park Slope abode and watch the little bitch scream!
Oh, but It's OK to dump them in spots like Maspeth where the real people live!
Screw him with a knobbed dildo! Be sure to turn your backs at your elected at the polls too.

Anonymous said...

Yell, yell, yo, yo, hipsters got to go. Nuclear winter brings more snow.