Thursday, September 1, 2016

Markey vs. Barnwell at Maspeth shelter hearing

Thought you'd enjoy these. They are quite something. Perhaps a preview of primary day?


Anonymous said...

Wait a voice. Fire her in September!

JQ LLC said...

Nice shot of that weasel hipshit Lincoln. He seems to be in a good mood and having a laugh at this contentious gathering.

And where is Scott Stringer in all of this? He is the comptroller, how is he not seeing these supposed non-profits and hotel chain wheeling and dealing?

Interesting venue to have this in too. The knockdown center. The World's borough cesspool and drunk tank for shitty art and bad music.

Markey playing the bully card. Somebody call a Waahmbulance

Anonymous said...

I think Lizzy might be Markey's daughter switched at birth.

Anonymous said...

She was booed and rightfully deserved it.
Banks said two weeks ago at the last meeting NYC is paying for this? Well who is NYC? We are payers.
A change will be coming...Our votes will show it!

Anonymous said...

Watching Marge Markey last night made me wonder how she ever got elected, yet she's been an Assembly bench warmer for years. Unbelievable that she was more concerned about the jeers than about the Maspeth Community. She absolutely needs to go. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Markey...a seasoned shady hack from the good old days of another seasoned hack....protege of crook Donald MNes....Claire Shulman's administration!
Which only goes to prove ....the longer and better you suck dick of the Democratic machine clubhouse....the longer you stay in business and climb up the ladder with increasing pay scales.

DUMP MARGE! As comedian W.C Fields has said, " Her talents lie between her thighs".
Ugh, and what a shopworn pair of "gams" they are!

georgetheatheist said...

95% of this I could not understand: echoes, shouting, camera shake.

charly said...

Despite her rethoric, Senator Toby Stavisky is not interested in real #ElectoralLaw reform. She only offers "smoke and mirrors." Senator Toby Stavisky is the ultimate #CareerPolitician Her son, Evan Stavisky, runs the Parkside Group, a firm that collects money from all possible sources: 1. Lobbying firm, and 2. Political campaign consultant. In other words, the firm gets paid by candidates for public office (incumbent Democratic politicians), and it also gets paid by special interests to represent them in Albany. (

The Stavisky family has held the 16th district senatorial seat for 33 years and counting!

It is urgent for New Yorkers to take our state government back. NYS #Corruption has reached unprecedented levels. Join my campaign to push for #TermLimits for all members of the NYS Legislature. #EndNYCorruption

Carlos G Giron
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Anonymous said...

Put the shelter next door to Banks house- see how he likes it. What year is this?
Next year will be the election for nyc mayor, When Deblaz is gone, so is Banks.

Anonymous said...

True, George...hard to hear a lot.
Did I hear a shout out from the audience....something about "wiping somebody's ass", whatever?

Anonymous said...

You can't hear what is being said? I think you need to get your ears checked. And I'm not being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Vinny Acuri is an egomaniac. Who's side is he on? He did something similar at the Glendale Shelter meeting at Christ the King. Smart man, but it's time to go. Everyone should write the Queens Borough President demanding that his reappointment not be approved. That's the only way to end his reign. Insulting residents and dismissing community members concerns isn't acceptable.

Anonymous said...

My ears are just fine, butt hole.
Take an IQ test, unless you fear being handed a low score.