Thursday, September 15, 2016

Judge orders de Blasio to comply with ethics probe

From the NY Times:

A judge in Albany has ordered Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political nonprofit to comply with a subpoena from a state ethics panel, putting a damper on the mayor’s widening effort to prevent the disclosure of certain communications that he deems privileged.

The decision by Justice Denise A. Hartman of State Supreme Court involved an investigation by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics into whether the nonprofit, the Campaign for One New York, violated state regulations by failing to register in 2015 as a lobbyist.

The two parties argued their positions in court in July, the first public court battle to emerge from various state and federal investigations into the mayor’s fund-raising and political activities.

The ruling, issued last week but not received by the parties until Monday, comes as Mr. de Blasio is also fighting in State Supreme Court in Manhattan to keep emails and text messages between City Hall and a small number of outside advisers — some of whom played central roles in the political nonprofit before it closed down this year — from being disclosed to reporters.


Jerry Rotondi said...

I'll kick in for your orange jump suit, Mr. Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Something tells me Blas and Co will be having difficulties in finding e-mails.

Anonymous said...

Tip to the Mayor: hire Clinton's computer server employee who used Bleachbit to erase the emails.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's still mayor? What a waste of space he is.

JQ LLC said...

Anyone familiar with that scumbag governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. The campaign fund whoring this guy done in elected office may have inspired Mayor De Faustio's rotten scheme. Can't have any more proof of the legalized pay for play permanent government wrought by Citizen's United.

(this is a long one)