Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fuzzy memory on Rivington House deal

From the NY Post:

First Deputy Mayor Tony Shorris suffered numerous memory lapses about the Rivington Street nursing-home fiasco, telling investigators more than two dozen times that he couldn’t recall incidents, ­emails or details, records show.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s right-hand man claimed he couldn’t remember a meeting with Stacey Cumberbatch, a city commissioner, or the content of any conversations they had about Rivington in 2014.

His schedule showed a July 25, 2014, meeting with Cumberbatch, then head of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, where the deal was on the agenda.

Shorris also said he believed his decision that the property should remain a nursing home — rather than be sold on the open market — was communicated to the agency.

But he couldn’t recall how.

“I’ve asked myself that question. I do not remember the exact mechanism. I just don’t,” he told investigators for city Comptroller Scott Stringer, according to a transcript of the July 27 interview obtained by The Post through public-disclosure laws.

Asked if he had met with Cumberbatch about Rivington in 2014, Shorris replied, “Probably. I can’t say I remember exactly.”


JQ LLC said...

(sarc) said...

HiLIEry Clinton has said "I do not recall" multiple times in every investigation she has had to testify for.

Back in the Whitewater investigation she said "I do not recall" ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR times.

And it was used throughout the Bengazi hearings!

First Deputy Mayor Tony Shorris has learned from the BEST!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this crap I don't remember. Boy oh boy
You remember. How do these people sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

When YOU lie to the government it's a FELONY,OK,That you understand can mean Jail Time.
When the government lies to the people IT'S POLITICS and if you really don't want to lie,you take the 5TH Ammendment like everyone else in the Obama/Clinton Administration

Anonymous said...

Alas, sudden amnesia and lying, cheating and stealing are modus operandi for the Dumb Blasio administration, now slated to remain the very worst and most corrupt of all intensely failed leadership throughout the annals of City Hall corruption, graft and endless greed.

Even Boss Tweed himself of Tammany Hall is cringing in horror from his front-seat, observation deck in purgatory!

Anonymous said...

i don't remember what i forgot

Anonymous said...

How convenient.
Next time I have to testify in court .....regarding any shady activity I might have , theoretically , been involved in ....
instead of taking the 5th....I can just say that I do not remember and walk.
We call it selective senility

JQ LLC said...

“I’ve asked myself that question. I do not remember the exact mechanism. I just don’t,”

Is this how reality works in this town now? Is Shorris trying to set some sort of precedent for plausible deniability in court decisions or even the average work environment? Mechanism? No, douchebag, there is nothing mechanical about immediately bending over for scumbag developers because of their big money contributions to your fucking boss to get elected and to his in house slush fund dark money operation in city hall. It's how you got your fucking appointed job in the first place.

I said a few months ago that this is the guy who knows everything. He's the catalyst and fixer for these crooked machinations. Somewhere there has got to be email correspondence between him and that decrepit lowlife worm Capalino. How did these investigators, who I assume have some semblance of authority, not get the cuffs slapped on this prick?

And that goes for that districts council woman Margaret Chin also.

Anonymous said...

Lots of cash under the table.....and in offshore accounts.