Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunnyside strip club shut down

From Sunnyside Post:

Secrets, the crime-plagued strip joint located at 49-19 Queens Boulevard, was shut down by the police earlier this month and the chances of it reopening are uncertain.

The police closed the club on September 9 following a series of violations, such as the sale of narcotics inside the establishment, a robbery near the premises, failure to comply with state liquor authority rules and not providing its employees with workers compensation.

The club was also in the news last November after a murder took place outside the premises following a dispute between club goers.

Deputy Inspector John Travaglia, commanding officer of the 108 Precinct, said at a Woodside community meeting Thursday that there is a 50-50 chance that the premises will not reopen.

Travaglia said the precinct is currently working to impose conditions on the premises—such as limiting its hours of operation and requiring security changes—before permitting it to reopen.

The new conditions would need to be approved by a Queens County Supreme Court judge.


Anonymous said...

Replace strip club with strip mall.

Anonymous said...

Oops....there goes the local economy.
How many bars in Sunnyside? Are they trying to compete with "bar (Bell) boulevard in Bayside?
Jimmy Van Bramer ,resident of Sunnyside Gardens, has it closed down because is wasn't a gay strip club.

Anonymous said...

So now i have to go online to see some T&A. That sucks !!

Anonymous said...

Too many tits scared Van Bramer.

Anonymous said...

It was competing with the male strip joint that Councilman Jimmy is a silent partner in.

Anonymous said...

Good news, Anonymous, you can now go online to get your daily dose of T&A——that's where ALL of the politicians go for their prurient exercise in release (after a hard day's work of hardly working!)——just ask Anthony Weiner, the porn king himself!

(sarc) said...

How are the girls going to pay off their enormous and excessive student loans???

Anonymous said...

>just ask Anthony Weiner, the porn king himself!

Not all of us are as famous and well weinered as Anthony.

For us ordinary schlubs, paying someone for a little T&A is our only way of getting some PDA.

Anonymous said...

If it were an LGBT strip club Van Bramer would be against closing it down because of cultural sensitivity.

Barney said...

Hold on a second isn't strip joints part of Sunnyside's heritage ?
Isn't that the old 'Merry Go Round" were several others on Queens blvd going back to the 1950's. I remember you could bring your own beers. Shame this suddenly a problem now with all the 3rs world animals.