Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Be careful with those bug bombs!

From CBS New York:

A Queens man was recovering Monday from a major scare, from a wall that collapsed on him following an explosion in the apartment next door.

The explosion shook the building at 39-20 Greenpoint Ave. in Sunnyside, Queens, and blew out the wall between apartments 1B and 1A. The gaping hole measured 10 by 12 feet.

The bricks and stucco that collapsed in a pile injured a man, although not seriously.

“The gentleman was sitting on his couch and the wall came from 1B into 1A, and it actually covered him; landed in his lap,” said FDNY Chief Ed Carney.

Carney blamed the blast on a bug bomb.

Apartment dwellers have used the foggers known as bug bombs for years to get rid of roaches and other pests But fire officials said the problem is occasionally people forget to follow the safety directions printed right on the back on the box.

Typical warnings remind users to turn off all flames, pilot lights and ignition sources. Carney said the ignition source in the Queens incident was the gas pilot light.

Utility service was cut to much of the building for more than an hour during the emergency response.

Building inspectors determined there was no dangerous structural damage, but posted vacate orders on both units until the wall that was blown out is rebuilt.


Anonymous said...

I spic good spanglish. And this is why we need an official language in this country.

Everyone should be forced to speak English at work - then they'd learn it. Instead we have businesses where no one speak English - just Chinese or Spanish.

What nationality were the people that released the bomb? Where they even smart enough to take their children and pets out of the apartment first????

Anonymous said...

In an apartment building, the roaches can easily escape the gas released in one apartment to go to another, flourish there, and return. And they are annoyed.

One apartment? A joke.

Do it seriously -- like they did in Chinatown, the explosion there took down the building.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. This gives me a great idea.
Since code enforcement and the firemarshall is forever MIA I should buy a case of these and leave it on the seat of my car unlocked. The new Mexican neighbors love to grab, cant read and have several refrigerator's full of beer and electric heaters going.

Anonymous said...

what a complete moron -- sounds like this person was stoned