Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reimbursement available for cars damaged by potholes

From WPIX:

If you suffered some car damage as a result of hitting one of the many potholes on New York City roads, you can file a claim with the city.

According to the City’s Comptroller office, you have to file the claim within 90 days of the incident. Drivers have the option to file the claim manually or electronically by going to the Comptroller’s website.

Even though a police report is not necessary, any documentation of proof will help your case.

For more information – visit the website.


Anonymous said...

I drive down Jamaica avenue.....now that's pothole city! Jamaica avenue is terrible.

Anonymous said...

I hit one on 108 street that banged a hole in my oil pan - 300$ to fix. I filed a complaint with them and do you know how much they gave me? $0.

I sent photos of the pothole, receipts from the mechanic, etc.

If you hit a pothole and need repairs, good luck getting a dime from the city. You probably have to try to sue them.

Anonymous said...

WPIX should follow-up with stories of who was actually paid and who wasn't and why.