Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Group wants to turn Peninsula Hospital into veterans' housing

From the Daily News:

The shuttered Peninsula Hospital building has caught the eye of a nonprofit group that wants to transform it into housing for veterans and senior citizens.

But Rockaway residents, who haven’t given up hope the hospital will reopen as another medical facility, are wary of the plan.

Kim Atkins, CEO of V.I.P. Housing and Services, said the vacant property on Rockaway Beach Blvd. is “like a gift that fell from the sky.”

Atkins said she would like to create independent living for seniors at the site, along with an adult day care program and transitional housing for returning veterans.


Anonymous said...

Better get the new Queens Boro Prez involved.

Anonymous said...

just what Rockaway doesn't need. more subsidized housing and three quarter houses full of sexual predators/convicted sex offender felons and crack heads probated to drug counseling that they never go to.

Peninsula Hospital building was damaged heavily by hurricane Sandy. to be made habitable is a lot of money and work.

Anonymous said...

Great concept for our veterans. I hope it gets DONE.