Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Preservationists and real estate interests battle to win over DeBlasio

From the Wall Street Journal:

The real-estate industry has been waging war on what it sees as an overzealous push by preservationists to landmark large swaths of the city.

Now, landlords are hopeful they will find a new ally in new Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Mr. de Blasio, a Park Slope liberal with a populist touch, is perhaps an unlikely figure to pull back on protecting the brownstones and quaint churches that dot neighborhoods throughout the city.

But real-estate lobbyists and developers are hoping they can win Mr. de Blasio's support by linking landmarks to his core issues. They argue that preservation is undermining the creation of affordable housing and jobs, key campaign promises.

"What I am concerned about is that we're taking out of development and redevelopment a very large portion of the city. You've got a big chunk of the city that's just off limits," said Richard Anderson, president of the New York Building Congress, which would like to see a freeze on the creation of new historic districts while the process is re-examined.

Preservationists are equally prepared for a fight, saying that with the 50th anniversary of the city's 1965 law approaching, they will ensure it isn't weakened. The industry "is trying to weaken the law, they're trying to weaken the landmarks process, and we're counting on the new mayor and the new commission to hold the line," said Peg Breen, president of the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

Mr. de Blasio cares about both preservation and development, a spokesman said.


Anonymous said...

What we need is for more deportations in this city to free up some Damn room. Deportation is the key to freeing up more housing.

Anonymous said...

The only new housing that's built is for wealthy foriegners hoping to basically buy a green card.

It's interesting that the housing problem is attributed to both poor and wealthy foreigners. I don't think we need either at this point in this country's history - we need to rebuild our economic base without slave labor, outsourcing, H1-B visas, and right-to-work bullshit.

And build housing intended for the median income - not the inflated average!!!

Anonymous said...

we need to rebuild our economic base without slave labor, outsourcing, H1-B visas, and right-to-work bullshit.

... and paying off and distracting the underclass with welfare benefits and reality shows (AKA bread and circuses)

Anonymous said...

the developers argument is a bit rich considering we are in the midst of a 15 year long building boom. As for the neighborhoods where the low income housing could be built, virtually none of them are landmarked, and land costs there are not expensive.

Anonymous said...

The preservation community's long standing policy of throwing 95 % of NY under the bus so our council members okay expanding their districts will soon come back to haunt them.

They did not remember us then, and we sure as hell don't give two shit about them now.

I would rather my taxes be used to help property values in MY community, not some rich banker's.

Anonymous said...

REBNY is annoying, greedy and ignorant amongst other things. They don't give a damn about affordable housing all they care about is their pockets. The city of NY has seen nothing but over development the past 12 years. Neighborhoods are being ruined, stripped of character, integrity and history. The buildings they build now are no marvels. They should be ashamed of the crap that's being built all over this city. Thousands of years of history, architecture and cultures and that's what I need to look at. These humans building these hideous eyesores are being laughed at by our ancestors. Poor use of the human brain.