Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pataki calls for state & federal term limits

From the Huffington Post:

Former New York Gov. George Pataki (R) criticized Washington politicians who seek to “stay here forever and say nothing” in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s "Street Smart" on Tuesday.

“One of the worst things about people getting elected to Washington is once they get there, they want to stay there,” Pataki said.

The former three-term governor recalled the advice of a fellow Republican during his first week as a New York state assemblyman as he criticized the complacent attitudes and self-serving priorities of perennial lawmakers:

"I remember when I got elected to the state assembly, the first week I’m there, I’m standing up saying some stupid thing and the guy next to me, Republican, goes, ‘You know, Pataki, if you stay here, sit down and keep your head down, you could stay here forever.’ I was thinking, is that what I want to do? Stay here forever and say nothing? But I honestly think that’s the mentality of many in Washington: priority number one, getting reelected; priority number two, being in the majority; priority number three, doing what’s right for the people. That is wrong."

Pataki suggested keeping congressional term limits short -- eight years for House members and 12 years for senators -- and advised politicians retiring from public office to “go home” instead of furthering their political careers as lobbyists or consultants.

“We never had the concept of 'we have a political class that is our rulers, and then we have the public' -- and yet that’s the way it is,” Pataki said. “We have a permanent political class, whether they’re in office, or they leave public office, they stay in Washington and they dictate our lives. It’s not the way America is supposed to work, and it’s wrong.”


Anonymous said...

Politicians also need to stop being so corrupt too, but that's not going to happen either, sorry pataki. These Politicians don't care about the American people, they only care about themselves and what's best for them and their "crew"

Anonymous said...

He should have called for term limits when he was in office. Now, he'll just be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Politicians also need to stop being so corrupt too, but that's not going to happen either, sorry pataki.
Anything can happen, we just need to roll up our selves and clean the barn. At some point the machine is going to overplay its hand and there will be a wave of revulsion.

Just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

They will have to pry the seat from Sheldon Silver's cold, dead fingers before he finally leaves the Assembly.

J said...

Pataki enabled all that corrupt behavior in Albany by ignoring the likes of Joe Bruno.

Another example of a guy finding his balls after sitting on them for 20 years.You get no sympathy George.

Barb G said...

he had 3 terms. what a d!ck.

Anonymous said...

James Madison had an idea about how to limit terms: it's called redistricting! Who needs anothe rlayer of bureacracy to do this again? DIdn' redistricting get rid of Ackerman?