Thursday, January 30, 2014

Further dismantling of the Queens Machine

From The Capital:

Longtime City Council employee Chuck Meara is resigning his post as of March 31, he confirmed to Capital.

Meara, who would have served in the Council for ten years in June, was chief of staff to Christine Quinn, who served for eight years as speaker and left office Dec. 31.

He did not work on her campaign for mayor last year.

He also was one of the highest-paid council staffers, earning $209,973 in Fiscal Year 2013, according to records provided by the council through a freedom-of-information request in December.

Among Meara's duties is overseeing the Council's legislative division and its office of general counsel.

He works closely with Ramon Martinez, who handles land use and budget issues. Martinez is retaining his post for the time being, Capital has reported.

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Anonymous said...

What a mugg. A laughing clown.

Anonymous said...

Does'nt this guy have Jersey plates? Did he know anything about Queens?