Saturday, January 25, 2014

Food vendor damaging street tree

"Hi there-

Wanted to share this pic with you - this is a brand new tree on the corner of gates and st nicholas, right on the brooklyn/queens border.

This food truck sets up every weekend right in front of the tree pit, note all the customers standing in the tree pit and the awning of the truck hitting the tree. A small branch was broken off the tree. It's really too bad as we need these trees. I should also note that there has been an explosion of these food trucks in this area. Note the chairs and small table they have set up.

Love your site-

Jeff - from Ridgewood."


Anonymous said...

He is illegally parked! Must be at least 25 feet from a street corner or crosswalk. This guy, besides having total disregard for nature and trees (paid with our taxes),, is putting pedestrian's lives in danger too!
Please call 311 and report this creep.

Anonymous said...

Jeff---- Call 311 and report this lawbreaker. He is not following NYC and DOT safety codes. He's parked at a street corner which is illegal!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, if only the city would enforce the laws. This is happening all over the city.
Good luck calling 311, complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

So how would you report it then if not 311? Do you have another way of correcting this? Perhaps you can call your Cimmunity Board directly or the City Council member office.

Joe Moretti said...

Again we have an issue of lack of enforcement as well.

But also with many vendors in the Queens area, garbage is not properly disposed of as well.

Anonymous said...

Good luck calling 311, complete waste of time.

This inspires a poetic response:

Why wrestle with a machine?
Call your councilman.They are all 'green'
so we can absorb more development and they get 'green'
if you know what I mean.

Share will Crappy your brushoff from an underling.

Anonymous said...

Is this right in front of the supermarket?

Deke DaSilva said...

Vibrancy vs. The Environment

What's more important White Liberals?

Hell Gate Kid said...

This blog is sooooo educational.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a white liberal, I would have called the police weeks ago, Deke. I wouldn't waste my time with 311.

Anonymous said...

since "SANDY and the 50 mph winds hit n.queens, many property owners (with influence) have had their front sidewalk 40't0 70 ' trees removed .no property damage ,rehab costs , or deaths.the stumps have been removed and new trees planted.

D.O.Parks is oblivious or being taken care of ($$$$).

Anonymous said...

Original poster here-

I contacted 311 but nothing was done. I'll continue to document this in hopes that someone will take action. Contacting the city councilperson is a good ideal


Anonymous said...

not a waste of time to call 311. gets it on the record.

Anonymous said...

Can we have some photographs of his food handler's license and truck license? can call those into the dept of health.

Anonymous said...

Call the Parks Borough Commissioner.