Saturday, January 25, 2014

Help on the way for Far Rockaway

From CBS New York:

Help is on the way for a Queens neighborhood that has been experiencing repeated street flooding for more than a year — and in this week’s blast of bitter cold, the water has turned to ice.

But as CBS 2′s Tracee Carrasco reported, for Far Rockaway residents who can no longer even drive down Pinson Street, the improvements cannot come soon enough.

CBS 2 first visited the neighborhood in July and then again in December. The floodwaters, believed to be overflow from the sewer and nearby Jamaica Bay, are still there, a huge disappointment for residents.

Residents say the situation has become hazardous. Police have put up caution tape along the street.

“Each and every day now, cars are going into the potholes, and someone has to tow them out,” Burkhead said.

It’s not just cars. Last week, one Pinson Street resident shot cellphone video of a school bus full of kids unable to navigate through the murky lagoon of ice and water, which residents say has overtaken their neighborhood.

On Thursday, City Councilman Donovan Richards, D-Far Rockaway; the Department of Environmental Protection; and the Department of Design and Construction announced that a $22.5 million project to rebuild the sewer system in the neighborhood will begin this summer.


Anonymous said...

Let's see. Democrat President, Democrat Governor, Democrat Mayor and Rockaway is still screwed up.
Bush's fault.

J said...

the residents have to wait until the summer,that's pretty insulting.It almost would make one want to move,and make another kind of person mark a spot for gentrification

as of this moment,there are preparing 13 blocks in manhattan for an unneccessary promotional street fair for the superbowl,a game people would have watched without being bombarded by the marketing.There are various city services(probably the kind that fixes potholes)there making sure that nothing will intervene with the weeklong festival and to make sure the transient cretinous morons(funsize mayor bloomberg's constituents who contribute nothing to the city)will have a blast spending money and acting like morons at the expense of business and traffic safety.

and the tale of two cities sequel begins.

John Vliet Lindsay said...

New York is Fun City.