Friday, January 24, 2014

Good luck collecting fines

From the Times Ledger:

A Huang family company that racked up city Department of Buildings violations in December for allegedly cutting down trees on a protected property in Fresh Meadows has not been a registered business since 2009, according to Department of State records.

Audrey Realty Corp., headed by Henry Huang, son of notorious developer Thomas Huang, was dissolved in 2009 because it did not pay its taxes, DOS spokesman Laz Benitez said.

“The entity in question was dissolved by proclamation as they failed to pay taxes and are no longer registered with the Department of State, thus they cannot operate as a business entity,” Benitez said.

Audrey Realty is listed as the owner of the historic Fresh Meadows Klein Farm, at 194-15 73rd Ave., on the property’s deed.

Audrey Realty is due to appear in court Jan. 28 and Feb. 4 for the violations at the Queens Business Center in Jamaica, at 144-06 94th Ave.

An Environmental Control Board judge will rule on the violations and the company could face up to a total of $20,000 in fines, according to ECB.

If Audrey Realty fails to attend the hearings, it could be found in violation and given a penalty five times higher than the standard amount imposed, said DOB spokeswoman Kelly Magee.

“If the property owner fails to correct the violations and pay the associated fines, then the violation remains open and increased penalties may be assessed,” she said.

Henry Huang did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Benitez said a corporation that has been dissolved is still allowed to own property while it is going through a “winding up” phase, which could take years.


Anonymous said...

Audrey Realty is listed as the owner of the historic Fresh Meadows Klein Farm, at 194-15 73rd Ave., on the property’s deed.

Even if Audrey Realty was dissolved, some person or entity has to be listed as the owner with the Department of Finance in order to pay the real estate tax on the property.

Anonymous said...

Audrey Realty Corporation purchased the property November 2003. No signature on that document.

Assignment of Leases and Rents signed by Alice Huang, Vice President.

Mortgage signed by John Huang, Vice President.

NYS says they can still own property and collect rents.

The corporations owe thousands and thousands for DOB and ECB violations -- somebody needs to hold them accountable.

Anonymous said...

Just the Facts:

Their family and business history is well documented. They have achieved the status of being "notorious". Rightfully so, their activities and businesses have "irreparably" harmed many.

The records indicate that they presently have several complex litigation matters headed to trial.

NYC records indicate that they owe the City of New York a substantial amount of monies for unpaid fines. Most of the fines were racked up for DOB and ECB violations. These fines are the results of their engaging in "illegal", "unlawful" and unsafe construction practices.

NYS State rocords indicate that many of their corporations have been noted as: "Dissolution by Proclamatiton" (failure to register or file annual financial reports . . . .").

Are they presently on the City or State's radar screen? Hopefully!

If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

somebody needs to hold them accountable.

Where is your councilman?

Can the Queens weeklies tear themselves away from adulation of the developers and politicians to actually write about something the public is interested in - like this?

Anonymous said...

Well, Halloran was Councilman when the Huangs filed an application for their Bayside project with the BSA (2010) for vested rights -- and won. They got their permits back. He didn't show up at the hearing.

Perhaps he had an important lunch date at Sparks to talk about more important matters.

Need we say more!