Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yet another city hospital likely to close

From Capital New York:

SUNY's board of trustees may be forced in the next two months to consider closing Downstate Medical Center, given the financial picture at Long Island College Hospital, a SUNY official said Monday.

The hospital continues to cost the state about $13 million per month and SUNY has been borrowing cash from Downstate Medical Center to pay the bills. That money isn't expected to last beyond March, said Bob Haelen, SUNY's interim Chief Financial Officer at a meeting of the trustees.

Lora Lefebvre, SUNY's associate vice chancellor for health affairs, said, “The numbers are so large that closing a campus will have to be discussed. That is going to be a difficult discussion.”

Selling the hospital won't solve all of SUNY's problem. If the property were bought for its appraised value, SUNY would still take a $300 million loss.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful to know how much they billed and were actually paid, and how much was uncollectable because people were illegal aliens or legal residents but both uninsured and collection-proof.

J said...

hospitals are shutting down like wildfire,maybe we need a pandemic to keep them open

this is what happens when you run hospitals like businesses and treat patients like products.

Anonymous said...

Religious hospitals CARE, University hospitals CURE