Monday, January 20, 2014

Hazardous liquids on streets of Jamaica

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

Another quality of life issue in Jamaica is the tons of auto body shops, especially along Merrick Blvd, that put their cars all up over the sidewalks, not only creating a major eyesore, but blocking sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on and spilling various fluids onto the sidewalks and streets. Many people walking are forced to go into busy Merrick Blvd to get around all these vehicles that are placed on the sidewalks in front of these shops. Many of the sidewalks have been extremely damaged and contain various chemical fluids from the vehicles causing health and environmental issues.


Anonymous said...

It adds color to our streetscape. Nothing wrong with that. Queens: Vibrant. Diverse.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new there. Jamaica is always filthy

Anonymous said...

The people living in Jamaica need to start caring more about their own neighborhood, if they don't care, the politicians and public advocates sure aren't going to care. There's no need for it, there's other areas in queens that have a good population of black people and their neighborhoods are actually quite clean because they care! Look at St albans, rosedale, queens village, Springfield gardens....most of those people take pride in their properties, more people in Jamaica need to start stepping up to the plate to maintain the area. I admire Joe m and his crew for caring about the neighborhood he lives in! Seems like not many other people are stepping up to the plate to help the area out!

Anonymous said...

Mabye the Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) can come out and look at this and address the issue since all these chemicals are polluting the environment and seeping into the ground.

But then again they might just be too busy figuring out how to kill all the swans.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Soylent Green to me.
But at least it's green.

Most likely anti-freeze from a broken radiator.

Anonymous said...

What about the dozen or so pit bulls and Rottweilers that are housed by these chop shops around there to " guard their premises"? It's so 3rd World. But it's Queens: Vibrant. Diverse.

Roger said...

Yes, that looks like antifreeze, which unfortunately tastes good to dogs and cats, but is poisonous.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls, Rottweilers Illegal parked car etc.

Yes step up to the plate Nothing here a baseball bat, and some rat poison (or that antifreeze) cant fix.

In NYC aren't people supposed to carry $1,000,000 insurance policy to own dogs like Pit bulls & Rottweilers ?
These large inbred defective breeds are not even considered domesticated dogs by the US kennel association.