Friday, January 17, 2014

Our ERs stink

From CBS New York:

When it comes to emergency rooms, New York tied for 13th place in a state-by-state ranking Thursday.

As 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported, the average waiting time to be seen and treated in an emergency room in any part of the state is more than six hours.

The overall grade for New York is a C, D’Auria reported.

Dr. Robert Glatter, spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians said that the Affordable Care Act will likely negatively impact emergency rooms.


Anonymous said...

That's because there's way too many illegals living here who go to the er instead of doctors when they are sick, so they are part of the reason why our emergency rooms are so crowded. Another reason is that there are just too many people living in a small ass space with only so many hospitals and it's only getting worst with all the hospitals that are closing down.

georgetheatheist said...

"Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!"

BTW horse carts have been replaced with electric vehicles.

Anonymous said...

unless you're there because an ambulance brought you there or your doctor sent you, stay out of the ER and go to urgent care.

ER's triage their patients so if you're not gravely ill you wait until a spot opens up

Anonymous said...

Yes the problem will only get worse as more hospitals continue to close in this city. I had an emergency at a local Queens hospital and was sent home three hours later by a doctor who only took one look at me. A few hours later I drove to Manhasset North Shore and was admitted in serious condition. If it is doesn't appear life threatening these doctors will not take your condition seriously at these local hospitals. The emergency rooms are crowded and the staff not too concerned. Go at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Of course they do, they are crammed full with illegals.

Anonymous said...

As someone that went to the ER many times for serious medical issues, you wouldn't believe how many clowns go there because they have a "headache" or a runny nose. In my area, they are usually Hispanic and refuse or cannot produce identification.

Someone should sit there with a camera and record these frivolous morons. The hospital workers become jaded and treat everyone like a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

If your in a bad accident, have a stroke or heart attack your as good as dead.

The illegals are hemorrhaging the hospitals the good doctors, experienced doctor are retiring due to obamacare. Nobody wants to be doctors under this socialism shit.

Loads of medical office furniture, lights, tables, autoclaves are springing up on Craigslist

Anonymous said...

The experienced doctors don't get paid enough by elderly patients. Blame the seniors and the health insurance system. General practioners always made less than specialists. Obamacare may matters worse depending on who you speak to. Bush signed medic plan D and how come you are not complaining about enlarging the current entitlement for seniors? There are specialists that won't even accept ant form of insurance.

Anonymous said...

The Queens hospitals are supposed to send their complex cases to their Manhattan affiliates and fire all the overachiever docs on staff

Joe said...

Some of these elderly patients are a pain and the ass as well. They run to the doctor every time they sneeze or get a pain in the foot. This compounded by doctors wanting to see them every week (making up some bullshit) to bilk insurance and medicaid.

This Obamacare sux. Women & children get all this free bith control, pre and post natal care, oby/gyn on a single plan. I have Oxford UHC (got to keep my own doctor) But all I'm entitled is "preventive" As in aspirin, one prostate exam & flue shot AND GET THIS---"mental & physical gender-re-assignment" (whatever the f_ that is)
My $15 co-pay is GONE everything's subject to a upfront out of pocket $3000 a year deductible before I can even use my $620 a month "Silver Plan" (Note on page 638 (of 1200) says come 2014 a government panal can decide if "free hospice with "end of life" social worker services" is your treatment.

Its the same useless shit they have in shithole Canada where last year 14,000 rich businessmen came here to get treated before they died waiting to get into a hospital with proper equipment and staff.
Straight white single male soul proprietors pay the most and get screwed the worst with all of this.

These fence jumping criminals breeding like cockroaches need to be rounded up placed in camps and deported. They are gonna bankrupt the country and the Chinese & Arabs are going to buy everything up and make us slaves !!