Thursday, January 16, 2014

Annual 7 train whinefest commences

From WPIX:

Brace yourself for 22 weekends of closures along the 7 line beginning February 28, 2014.This year, shutdowns will go from Times Square to Queensboro Plaza and also, at times, they will be extended to 74th St-Broadway in Jackson Heights, Queens.

NYC Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer wants people to know they can still visit Queens and he’s calling on the MTA to get the work done.

According to the paperwork received by his office, the service disruptions are finalized for February 28 through July 2014. The plans through December are tentative.

No 7 trains from Times Square to 74th Street-Broadway May 2-5, May 16-19 and service will be reduced east of Queensboro Plaza on the weekends of May 30 and June 6.

Service will resume early on Sunday June 8 for the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Manhattan. Councilmember Van Bramer says the weekend closures will effect many cultural events and the Queens Pride Day on June 1 in Jackson Heights.


Anonymous said...

NYC Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer wants people to know they can still visit Queens and he’s calling on the MTA to get the work done.


Jimmy knows the deal - he grew up in the area and is aware that the 7 train has always been like this - more so since massive population growth along its line (the he is partly responsible for) is stressing the system.

Jimmy's concern is the developers will have difficulty renting apartments...

.... which makes Jimmy look like a jerk for shilling real estate not easy to reach.

Anonymous said...

They work on that line every year for so many weeks, but yet they still have signal problems the whole year round. They just need to put in all new signals....They should have done so a long time ago. This train is getting worst and worst by the year. Smh. What are they doing on this train line if they're not fixing their signals? Just doing trackwork is not good enough for this train line.

Anonymous said...

I do find it curious that these closures have been on for years now, and the work still not completed. I'm sure Bill Duh-Blazio and his expert private sector-trained management skills will fix it, though. Afetr all, that's why you all elected him right?

Anonymous said...

JVB will take advantage of ANY situation as long as it gets him on Television or in The Newspapers, Sheesh talk about an attention whore

Anonymous said...

We're into the 20th year now of weekend closures of the 7. We complain now to Van Bramer, as we complained to Gioia, as we complained to McCaffrey.

And when Van Bramer is term-limited out of office, we'll complain to his successor. So as it ever was, so shall it be.

Anonymous said...

Poster #3

Hang it up already and move on. You are getting tiresome with your daily morning rants.

The man is mayor and after Bloomberg we all need a breath of fresh air.

Our biggest problem is not a person but the political process which is broken.

Anonymous said...

they are running fiber optics all along the 7 train line since its supposed to be the first one to activate the new CBTC signal system.

other than that i think they have to replace every single signal and work on every switch along the line to get it ready for the new system

Anonymous said...

The MTA had better get their 7 train re-hab done soon. The Wilpons will be mighty mad if Manhattanites can't get to CitiField to see their real estate team play.

And the work better be done very well, because the Manhattanites really need a mall in Queens that they can get to by mass transit.

Snake Plissskin said...

The problems of the 7 line is little different from the problems with hospitals, schools, and other services, as well as perpetually stalled efforts at improving quality of life through community preservation.

Like the 'Sorcerer's Apprentice', government is mindlessly stuck on a model developed in the mid-1800s that does little more than put up building after building after building disregarding a local community's needs or desires.

This process, from lot proposal to ribbon-cutting, provides a steady flow of money, grease that lubricates the flow of honest graft for insiders.

Face it. There is no way in hell that the infrastructure in Queens can be sustained at this pace - this building frenzy.

What little capacity remains is directed to encouraging more waterfront development instead of being applied to older areas as their conditions slowly worsen over time.

My concern is what happens when the bottom falls out of the economy in about 2 or 3 years.

Areas over-built can become instant slums when landlords rush to fill property. Rules and regulations designed for safety and sanitary reasons are ignored.

The petty corruption we see around us can paper over this problem as well as it hid the real damage from Hurricane Sandy.

At that point? The decline in the infrastructure could make a sudden lurch towards third world standards.

A cash strapped Washington will try to step in. But the damage would be nearly impossible to eradicate.

Anonymous said...

Hey No-Brainer! No body visits Queens in the dead of winter,
why do you think their closing the subways to all the regular schleppers. It'll be up and running for the out of towners come baseball and tennis season. Out of touch or what~!

georgetheatheist said...

So? Ride your bicycle. Plenty of lanes to accomodate the cyclists.

Or how 'bout those little motorized putt-putts that the Chinese delivery guys use? You dont even need a license!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Jimmy Van Bramer....hahahahahaha

Deke DaSilva said...

What? 7 train service will be restored in time for the Puerto Rican parade, but not the Gay parade?

I thought Gay was the new Black?

Unknown said...

Where was Bramer's concern when he annihilated hundreds of jobs at Willets Point? Where was Bramer's concern whenhe allowed the destruction of 5 Pointz. Bramer = Quinn wanna-be. Greed, publicity camera hungry greedy little elf.

Anonymous said...

BRAMER and DROMM running their sections of Queens to the ground! Keep up the lousy work slimballs!

J said...

the look on jvb's face and his weak response shows how ineffective he will be in his post.Sorry LIC hipsters and hedge fund rodents.get used to taking the bus with the rest of them,although they probably have their little fixed bicycles to get them to their favorite restaurants and decadent parties.

but the eye opener(like a punch to it)comes when mocker illustrates the MTA's incompetence by showing the result of the finished project of using the social network to navigate our lives.

on a sidenote,it seems Greg Mocker is the only reporter on PIX with any integrity.Has anybody seen what a moronic cesspool our only local news station has become?And all the women that anchor and report there,they look like call girls.

Anonymous said...

Line needs to be straightened to speed it up