Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Queens #1 in dopes harboring wild animals

From DNA Info:

The Health Department doled out 290 violations to residents and stores in the past five years for harboring animals banned within the city limits.

The beastly busts included a Staten Island man keeping a zebra for his start-up petting zoo, a Brighton Beach theater exhibiting marsupials and a Columbia University superintendent who scared faculty when he would sit on a terrace with his 4-foot python wrapped around his arm, records show.

But most of the monkey business happened in Queens.

The second-most-populated borough led the pack with 86 summonses between Jan. 1, 2008, and September 2013, according to the Health Department. Brooklyn had 69 during that time period, followed by the Bronx with 59, Manhattan with 49 and Staten Island with 27.


Joe Moretti said...

Why am I not surprised.

Queens, the low class ghetto borough of New York City.

Anonymous said...

Queens: Vibrant. Diverse.

Anonymous said...

They only find one out of a thousand violations, too.

Anonymous said...

Thats because Queens is #1 in harboring savages.

J said...

a woman's face was ripped off not long ago,so society dictates that everyone should get a wild animal out of its natural habitat.

I would bet people are feeding the raccoons that seem to be multiplying here.

you could say the monkeys in queens are harboring jackasses.

Anonymous said...

Go to the dead Sri Chinmoy's house. illegal sub basement full of birds and other small mammals smuggled from third world countries.