Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nice work if you can get it

From the NY Post:

More than a dozen mayoral staffers have been awaiting job placements for three weeks — and have so little to do that they’re watching Netflix and playing cards while on the government payroll, The Post has learned.

The staffers, ranging from entry-level employees to managers and deputy advisers — and who worked for Mayor de Blasio when he was the city’s public advocate — had been promised better titles and salaries in the new administration, according to a source.

But since de Blasio took office on Jan. 2, they’ve been “twiddling their thumbs” in a third-floor office at 253 Broadway across from City Hall watching movies, playing cards, learning a second language or going on afternoon shopping sprees downtown.

The bored staffers have even been betting on how late the persistently tardy mayor will be at his press conferences.

All are collecting salaries.


J said...

De-lazy-one is turning out to be a huge disappointment.Keeping your toadies on the payroll is not progress.

this also shows how ineffective he was as a public advocate,with the exception of advocating for luxury towers and a copper toilet of an arena in Brooklyn.You think this guy who saw the class divide widening in this city would have been more upfront in his tenure when the funsize mayor was lording over for the past 12 years,especially in his illegal 3rd term.

And what a crap job yesterday,because the storm started 2 hours earlier,he did not send out the plows and salt trucks.Subways and roads were clogged.

there's no tardiness in progress.

Anonymous said...

Yay! More waste of taxpayer dollars! Can't think of a better way to spend taxpayers money, could you diblasio?

Anonymous said...

How about DeSleazio giving his wife's girlfriend that $170K job to do NOTHING!!!!!!

Is that the standard salary for gov't hacks now? $170K?????? To make phone calls and set up meetings? Isn't that called an admin. asst.?

Anonymous said...

At least, they don't have to spend the idling time in the UFT's "rubber rooms".

Anonymous said...

Well I still do not understand what the Queens politicians do beside pose with (insert one: kids, immigrants, seniors, newspaper owners, developers.)

The borough remains a standing joke with deteriorating services and they are above it all because we can call 311 and vent to someone else.

Outside of shoehorning more people here (to pay off campaign costs), building their resume for the next level, and doing everything they can to discourage good people from running - or thinking its worth their time by voting or even getting involved in the process, I don't see one problem with DeBlasio.

Lip service is better than no service.

Anonymous said...

Be careful, when you hit the pols here there is a sudden swarm of racist postings to shoo away inquiring minds from the blog.....

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of hardworking unemployed New Yorkers are filing their resumes online for nothing. It's who you know now what you know.

Why not have these staffers shovel our driveways? That would make hem useful.

Anonymous said...

"there's no tardiness in progress".

Just as there is no progress in progressives, only regress.

Anonymous said...

"... I don't see one problem with DeBlasio...."

I also don't see any problems with Debalsio, at least that I didn't already see before the election.