Sunday, May 26, 2013

The latest numbers from the Shafran campaign

Austin Shafran's campaign contribution breakdown

Total $58,802 as of 3/11/13
$87,217 as of 5/11/13

Disclosure Period 8                                    $28,415      3/12 to 5/11

Total Number of Contributions $28,415
Total Number of Contributors 169

Shafran Family/Friends                                         5                  $3,385

Political/Lobbyists                                               13                    $635

Real Estate / Developers / Construction               10                 $2,150

Lawyers                                                             28                  $4,640

Unions                                                                 6                   $4,150

Parker Jewish Institute                                         2                      $350

Union Plaza Nursing Home                                   1                  $1,000

57.4% of contributions come from these categories $16,310
38.5% of contributors come from these categories 65

Other important info:

Amount Bundled/Connected to Bundlers:             22                    $4,125

Christopher Renfroe                                            15                    $2,200

Ryan Walsh (ran unsuccessfully for 2001 City Council                  $1,925
race in the 20th District as a Republican)

36 of 169 contributors, or 21.3%, are from the 19th Council District.
$5,275* of $28,415 or 18.6%, is from the 19th Council District.

*However, $3,175 of that total is from himself; his mother; father; and aunt. Discounting those contributions, it's $2,100 or 7.4%.


Anonymous said...

Looks like your typical uninspired dork.

Just because he's Phyllis Shaffran's (old Manes era "party girl") son doesn't mean that this entitled fool will garner any serious votes.


Anonymous said...

Did his mom bang Donald Manes?

Was it George Frangoulis who indicated to a friend of mine that she was quite "a looker" back then?

By the time that Phyllis became chief of staff for criminal ex-assemblyman Brian Mc Laughlin, she was too old for his taste.

We heard that Brian was porking Liz Crowley by then.

Pronounce it right said...

"Ow-stin Shafted-man!"

A poet said...

Phyllis was indeed quite a "looker" back then. Unfortunately now she has warts on her face with hairs growing out of them. Yeccch! Tempus fugit. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may....

Anonymous said...

Paolo Vallone

si dovrebbe conoscere meglio quindi avere un attacco amico un mans madre. che tipo di ragazzo italiano mommas sei tu. hai già abbastanza problemi nel north queens.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4:

She was? ou really think so?

Anonymous said...

How come he forgets to mention he worked for Malcom Smith

Anonymous said...

Elio Forcina is a two bit wannabe operative. Currently trying to ride the coattail a of lhota and his Greek thugs.