Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jamaica tree trash dates back to Sandy

1. Part of a huge tree that came down during Hurricane Sandy (like 6 months ago), still blocking sidewalk near 169-12 90th Avenue. Don't think this would happen in Bloomberg's city neighborhoods.

2. Huge box of industrial fluorescent lights which were dumped by someone in empty lot at 169-23 90th Avenue in the opening on 90th Avenue.

Have complained about this, but the shit is all still there. I know some of you elected officials are worried about who Aunt Esther is going to bring down next, but do your damn jobs and take care of this shit. You just are really going to get myself, Pamela Hazel and others to really crank it up a few more notches!

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432


Anonymous said...

What are you gonna do Joe? Launch more online photo essays? More angry emails to elected officials?

Now what do you expect an elected official to do? Call DSNY to clean up the mess. They did. Call the DSNY commissioner to testify before the City Council? That can be done too. Fire the commissioner and roll other heads? Ok.

But at the end of the day, most of the trash Mr. Moretti posts is the fault of individuals. Here's an idea Joe- knock on the doors of homeowners and business owners who have dirty properties. If they tell you to mind your business, let me know your comeback line. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable! One week tops in my neighborhood and that would have been picked up by Parks Forestry Dept.
Are people just plain afraid to call 311? Why would that be?

Queens Crapper said...

The tree likely was cut up by Parks, but one crew does the cutting and another crew does the picking up. They do tend to leave it for months, even with regular street pruning. I don't understand the dumb comments above mine. Joe DOES report these things to 311 and then sends out follow ups to the electeds and to me when they aren't taken care of. And it's not the responsibility of Joe to approach the homeowners, it's the City's.

Joe Moretti said...

Wow, talk being the problem and not the solution, Anon #1. I tend to hear this stupid type of bullshit every once in awhile and while I would love to just ignore such ridiculous comments, I just cannot. Before I send out any type of email or post about a problem area with garbage, tree, mattress, etc. I actually call DOS or whatever agency is responsible, file an official complaint on 311 and most importantly let my local elected officials and community board know the situation before I do my student project "the photo essay". And Yes, I expect a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT from elected officials (who are paid handsomely with our tax dollars) to take care of the problems that they are hired to do. The role of our elected officials is for the betterment of the community and to solve the hard problems that ordinary individuals cannot do or do not have the power to do (such as fines, violations, change laws, etc).

And while I agree (and have said many times before), yes it is the individuals in the community who are throwing litter on the ground, not taking care of their property, illegally dumping on public sidewalks and vacant lots, BUT it is our officials and leaders who are responsible to see that laws are completely enforced and that the people be held accountable for their actions and face the necessary consequences so that they might think again before they repeat such actions.

If an individual decides to kill someone and our government does nothing about it (since according to you this falls on them, the individual), then they and others will continue to do this behavior since there are no consequences. Pretty much what you are saying. But see we have laws regarding murder and there are consequences for those actions, which are enforced.

No, just like crapper stated, it is not my responsibility to go around and tell each property owner how to keep their property. I do not have the power or authority to do such a thing and it would be just a waste of time and energy.

Amazing how some of you bitch and bitch about the atrocities in Queens, but yet when someone attempts to do something about it, he or she is made out to be the problem.

So do tell exactly what you have been doing to improve your community besides making unsubstantial comments (and please do not say, you do things "in private" as to not toot your own horn. Have heard that nonsense before. So very easy to be an arm chair quarterback, it is the American way.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any Parks complaints open for this address.

Anonymous said...

Joe, do you ever walk around down near York College and/or the Archer/Parsons subway station? It's pretty bad with littering down there, too. And I love the big advertisement outside the subway station for DNA testing: "Who's your daddy?"

Queens Crapper said...

"I don't see any Parks complaints open for this address."

That's because they close them without addressing them.

Joe Moretti said...

"Complaints open for this address", the damn thing happened back in October of 2012. I am sure I was not the only one who made a complaint, this tree is right near the Senior Citizen Center and I am sure they called it in, since when the tree came down it blocked the entire sidewalk.

Yes, I have seen near York College. Community activist and my comrade in arms, Pamela Hazel has been battling that one for awhile. This is all an example of how are leaders do not really give a shit about Jamaica, unless something would benefit them or a camera is shoved in their face regarding the matter.

Anonymous said...

This is all an example of how are leaders do not really give a shit about Jamaica, unless something would benefit them or a camera is shoved in their face regarding the matter.

And Leroy Comrie's wife, Marcia Moxam Comrie - of the Nussbaum/Schenkler SE Queens Press - works in the Marketing/Communications Office at York College. People see what they want to see, and don't see what they want to ignore.