Friday, May 17, 2013

DeBlasio thinks illegal aliens should have driver's licenses

From CBS New York:

New York City Public Advocate and Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio announced his immigration proposal on the steps of City Hall Thursday morning.

De Blasio’s package of reforms to help undocumented immigrants includes reducing collaboration with federal detention and deportation efforts and issuing a universal city ID card to residents. The agenda also urges the state to allow the undocumented to apply for New York State driver’s licenses.

“We need to make sure that people who need a driver’s license for their work, for their lives are getting it the right way and are part of our system and have the same checks and balances as everyone else,” de Blasio told reporters including WCBS 880′s Rich Lamb.


Anonymous said...

Go away already Mr Bill.
Stop looking for cheap and illegal votes!

Anonymous said...

No, wait a minute.

The idea of ID cards is good.
It would end voter fraud, for one thing.

FluShingRezident said...

I think all immigrants should have to pass an English proficiency test prior to getting a license.

And the Asians, Indians and Pakistanis should be prevented from sending in other people to take the tests for them. I've had both Chinese and Indian friends confirm that this practice is rampant in NY.

A friend of mine was hit by an Asian tree times on the LIE and the other driver could not speak one word of English to the cops!

And while we're at it - how about all shop workers speaking English 100% of the time - then they'd all learn English in six-weeks.

Go anywhere in Europe - immigrants MUST learn the language of the country they're in and USE it!

We do not need any more crappy drivers on the road. Whitestone and FluShing have already provided enough!

Anonymous said...

Dromm wants to give non-citizens the right to vote. DeBlasio wants illegals to be given drivers licenses. Quinn wants illegals to be fed, educated and medicated for free. The current mayor wants to give away our parkland to billionaires.

Yeah, I guess the city is an enlightened community. Aliens will vote for our public servants and Illegals will legally drive all over the state while we have to worry about them crashing into us.

Welcome to NYC!! A soon to be bankrupt community if the freakin' idiot democrat candidates for mayor have their way.

Know a good real estate broker???

Anonymous said...

Most of the Democratic candidates sem ready to bring back the bad old days before Safe Streets Safe City.

Apparently they think more crime is a good thing and will point out the inequalities they seem so determined to equalize.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio wants to give drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants so they can get to work that they're not legally entitled to?

Thanks for wanting to make this city even suckier. Way to go, Bill.

Anonymous said...

This will mean death for 100s of people. A good 1/3 of these people are hardcore drunks who should not have cars. This is insane !!

Eric Cartman said...

“Colorado is a place, it’s a beautiful place, it’s not necessarily known as an enlightened jurisdiction but they’re moving.”

Care to elaborate on that point DeBlasio?

Not an enlightened jurisdiction?

This coming from a guy married to a woman who wrote an essay in Essence Magazine in 1979 titled "I Am A Lesbian".

So enlighten us Bill, which one of you is the "lipstick lesbian", and which is the "butch"?

Anonymous said...

Yawn...what a blase candidate.
How many votes do you think dull Bill will score?

Anonymous said...

MAYBE he married her to get medical benefits...if he was an illegal alien he would get them for free...if Christine Quinn has her way.

Anonymous said...

This is why he's a scumbag!! They should charge these foreigners extra fees for having to make forms that are not written in English!! I waited 3 1/2 hours at the DMV in whitestone all behind people who couldn't speak English!! And another 4 of them wasted their time by getting to the front of the line and didn't have their naturalization papers!! They need to make an "English speaking only" line! Screw diblasio and all the people who want to "cater" to these foreigners!