Monday, May 20, 2013

Lawyers love John Duane

John Duane's campaign contributions, summarized:

Total $44,420 as of 3/11/13
$72,065 as of 5/11/13

Disclosure Period 8: $27,645 3/12 to 5/11

Total Number of Contributions:   114    ($27,645)
Total Number of Contributors:    106

Duane Family/Friends/Political:       9    ($4,450)

Real Estate / Developers / Construction:           6    ($1,125)

Lawyers:     35   ($10,695)

Unions:        2    ($1,675)

58.3% of contributions come from these 4 categories: $17,945
45.6% of contribution #s come from these 4 categories: 52
44.3% of contributors come from these 4 categories: 47

Other important info:

15 of 114 contributors, or 13.2%, are from the 19th Council District.
$2,350 of $27,645 or 8.5%, is from the 19th Council District.

Meanwhile, the following was sent out by the Duane campaign:
We are pleased to announce that our campaign has reached our maximum fundraising goal of $165K from 291 contributors!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about this or anything else regarding the District 19 City Council Campaign.

I hope this email finds you well and I thank you in advance for your response.

Warm regards,

Dore Mann
John Duane for New York
And then this:
A correction on the total from yesterday. John Duane's City Council campaign has reached it's maximum fundraising goal of $170,980K from 291 contributors!
What? I think you better check your numbers there.


Anonymous said...

wasn't he a councilman before?

Queens Crapper said...

He was an assemblyman for 2 years in the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Duane is a forgotten name...but as it is with all egotistical lawyers...they think they're king! of the hill.

BAH! He'll get a few votes.

Anonymous said...

And what an ASS-emblyman he was!
did anyone notice what he'd accomplished, if anything?

Even little Dougie Prescott had more charisma!

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice what he'd accomplished, if anything?

Of course he was only a one-term Assemblyman, but in his two years I believe he did something for Vietnam veterans - in fact, I recall that Frank Padavan was trying to hold the bill up in the Senate because he didn't want Duane to get the credit for it. Padavan wanted to make Duane look bad so that Doug Prescott could regain the seat. Someone more knowledgeable, or with a better memory, may be able to fill in the details.

Joe said...

I know John over 15 years he's a good guy and a good friend.---not your average Democrat, He's apparently never f_cked over anybody. I never heard a bad word about him and I know alot of people from his area.
Yeah he's a lawyer, aren't they all ?

Anonymous said...

Good for you Joe...
but Duane was a dork who accomplished NOTHING!
I cast my vote for a candidate who can improve my nabe.

There are a lot of good fellows out there who sit and warm a bench once elected.

Maybe he was your good drinking buddy...but
I don't support my friends, if they can't do the job

Duane is a hand job!.

Anonymous said...

"accomplished NOTHING"

And that's EXACTLY how you should want your precious Democrats if your going to keep electing them !
Track records show the only "CHANGE" Democrats make a is for the worse !!
Tweed, Moses, Kennedy, Johnson, Bloomberg, Obama, Clinton, Katz, Kahn, Kelly, Marshall, Cooper, Crowley, Cuomo, Quinn, Schumer etc.
The list goes on and on-- whoring crooked socialists looking to build "monuments to themselves" refusing to enforce current laws and uphold the US Constitution.
That's why whole neighborhoods have been f_cked up.